Anti-Wii week continues: "Wii Is Nearing The End Of The Road"

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Lol those reasons are unfounded but whatever everyone has their own opinions no matter how incorrect.

"Like you know"

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Desroko said:
Naraku_Diabolos said:
Not all Final Fantasy games are sequels, guys. There are improvements on graphics and gameplay, but nearly all of the stories are different.

Yeah, 13 variations on "A ragtag band of rebels battles a powerful Empire, only to discover that a greater evil is working behind the scenes."

I lol'ed.


I just don't understand why all of these "informative" doom and gloom articles are coming out at the same time. GoNintendo has also noticed the ruckus and commented as such. Ah well, with Mario Kart Wii (well... for NA at least), Wii Fit, and E3 around the corner, Nintendo's success will only improve from here on out.

Notice how WII DOOMSDAY WEEK commences immediately after NPDs drop showing the Wii pwning...

This screams bitterness, folks.

I suppose Halo 3 dropped off rapidly as well after not selling 3.3 million in its second month?

Maybe big games that are percieved to be "good" just reach their audiences faster...nope too logical 

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  • Low quantities of consoles on the shelves.
  I don't suppose that has anything to do with the record sales they're having.


Wow, this looks like a Wii Bingo candidate. I just love how he skews facts horribly, tosses perspective entirely out of the window, lies about attach rates to make his argument sound better, and fails to give any real numbers. Comedy gold, right here.

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"Wii Is Nearing The End Of The Road"

What road, the road of less than 25m sales?

The wii domination is something that will not last without good third party support and soon enough will reach its peak( japan:50k-70kwk) and the only boost it would get from sales is its 1st party support but even that will be shrunken as time goes on,in Europe it seems to also be reaching its peak and america they're hardly on shelves so there is still a big market here.The only reason the DS continues to sell at its rate is because of constant support from 3rd party developers and those good games from them you dont see that as much with the wii.

waste of forum space! they should have an option where if a certian amount of people vote a thread has no reliable factual bases and trolls for people to repeat the some old dumb arguements, then a mod will check it out and if its junk it should be deleted. At least then the people who know about the industry dont have to keep corecting the n00bs who know jack about anything.

enough of the try hards, your like, "I know so much about the industry that I can stand up and forcast the wii to fail and people need to take me seriousily cos im such an expert!"

the people who know and care about gaming shouldnt have to scramble through n00b vomit just to find a few paragraphs of valuable information

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