Anti-Wii week continues: "Wii Is Nearing The End Of The Road"

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Desroko said:
Naraku_Diabolos said:
Not all Final Fantasy games are sequels, guys. There are improvements on graphics and gameplay, but nearly all of the stories are different.

Yeah, 13 variations on "A ragtag band of rebels battles a powerful Empire, only to discover that a greater evil is working behind the scenes."

Yeah, no.

Except the fact that 11 was online, VIII was a love story, XII was a story about the rightful heir to the throne, I had no storyline, etc.  Then they are the same, but each FF is as different as our fingerprints.

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stranne said:
Sorry for bumping, but I just had to when I saw this comment on his blog:

" Bruceongames Apr 23rd, 2008 at 1:30 pm

The fanboys wanted to lynch me when I said that SSBB wouldn’t be one of the top selling games of the year. Wii Fit will do better.

The Wii should be solid through Q4 this year, after the price drop. But the Super Wii with HDTV and a hard drive cannot be too far off."

There is no way SSBB won't be one of the top 10 selling games this year, but he still refuses to accept it.

 Lol, its our old pal Bruce, I had almost forgot about him...Don't be too hard on him stranne, he has "friends" in the "industry", powerful "friends"... ;)


Of course, there is still no proof that they read the drivel that flies out of his mouth with any regularity, let alone feel that he is anything more than a stubborn old coot who wouldn't know his backend from his face if he were looking at a mirror...

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