Will XBox 360 reach 50 million?

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I wonder if anyone believes the XBox 360 LTD can reach the goal of 50 million consoles sold world wide. I guess 50 million could be the absolute maximum total of hardware the XBox 360 could reach. Anything between 40 to 50 million sold world wide for XBox 360 LTD is obtainable. The software of the XBox 360 is around an attach rate of over 7.5 games per console sold. 150 million software has been sold for the XBox 360.

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It would take another three years for the 360 to reach 50 million hardware. But with a new XBox on the market within three years it would be hard to get to 50 million hardware for the 360. 45 million is more a realistic prediction for the 360.

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well like you say it all depends on what is coming and when... and also how the PS 3 and 360 fight will go....

Even if a new xbox is released within the next 3 years the 360 wont be killed. Microsoft will chuck a sony for at least a year or two. The only reason the xbox was cut short was because of nvidia and intel. Microsoft was forced to abandon the xbox by them. I don't think they'd cut the lifespan short two gens in a row. Look at what it did to sega, it would be foolish to simply stop the 360's production. Thus I think the 360 will sell for at least 3 years more or so. Will it reach 50 mill? I don't think so. I hope it does though, the better all the consoles do the better the industry.

I think it'll top out around 45, PS3'll hit 55, Wii will hit 75 million minimum before all is said and done.

That's just my guesses though.

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The Xbox 360 is no PS2, but at the same time I think Microsoft will sell it until its no longer profitable to do so. Considering the vast majority of the PS2's sales came AFTER it reached $199, I'd say there could still be a lot of sales ahead of the Xbox 360.

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No it won't. 32-36 million is a good estimate which is a great improvement over 24 million Xbox's. It's also a good sign for Microsoft as they have been instrumental in what will eventually be a possible 50% loss of the market share Sony had with the PS2 this generation.

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End of generation sales
xbox 360-45 Million
PS3-65 Million
Wii-not sure yet.


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Considering the rate at which the console's being sold right now, reaching 50 million might be pushing it. It would depend on alot of factors, such as making a stronger first-party development front, bringing innovation to the industry (and not just adopting from the competition), as well as achieving key reliability, maybe making XBL free and not abandoning the system like they did with the original Xbox. Microsoft is still very much in the red with their 2 generations of trying to become the leading company on the market.

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Update of my guesses:
Xbox360 = 30-40 million
PS3 = 60-85 million
Wii = 55-95 million

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