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MontanaHatchet said:
I'm starting to see "Add to Cart" under games in the database. You've officially invaded my territory. I am not amused ......

I feel the same. I can't even use the Amazon service where I come from and it makes it harder to get a general impression of games in the database. The button is in the way. I think it would look better if it had it's own column with a small add to cart symbol, instead of the text and being close under the game names. 

It bugs me less with the textbuttons on the gamepages. 

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The french store works fine

ioi said:
Odd, guess it just fluctuates with how many people buy them?

 you mean like, within 30 minutes? and beforehand during MK Wii launch the game stayed pretty constant at 46 Euro? Like no one wanted to buy it then? Now that would be kind of news...

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oohh, I like the button on the actual game page, hate the button on the games list.

The one on the list is too big and now I have to be extra carefull when clicking a game.

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Yeah i am going to remove / reposition the buttons on the chart pages and games db lists - have a seperate column at the end with a little icon or something...

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Rath said:

You are joking right? Just have to make sure.


Well about the $VG:$1 was a joke.

 But an Amazon Australia store would be good.

 And if we could spend our $VG at the store, it would be like $VG1000000 for a single game.

Even ioi agrees, it must be a great idea.

 Unless he was being sarcastic

Which he probably was.

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ioi said:
Yeah i am going to remove / reposition the buttons on the chart pages and games db lists - have a seperate column at the end with a little icon or something...

Well, one thing is that I don't get my shop first!

You should get in php the language/location sended from the browser right? Could you deliver the right widgeds and links? So I get those for amazon.de not .com? I mean i have no problem finding it, but i think the more "casual" people who don't care if you get a cut or not will not search for the "store" on your site.

I really like the idea of referring to amazon, I am sure I wrote you something like that a year ago, but to be honest, the store page is a little bugy through the frame set. Would it harm to direct link (with the referal link) to amazon? I mean thats what the wigdet does, why don't you?

Hmm I try to explain it the other way around: It is a psychological thing. While now you sure you get your hardcore and core users (like me) to support the shop (I will search everything there, just so you get your cut) the more casual will not care. If I would be a casual here and read: "Buy through the VGC store" I just won't click. I just would enter www.amazon.de and search it. If the link would read: "Buy it on amazon.de" and link me there (with your referral link) I would click, because that way I don't have to search.

So while I like your store and will use it, the more casual will think, no and just go to amazon by himself (if he wants to buy it there), because he just ain't knowing on the first look it is "just" amazon he is getting it from.

I would guess you would get more sales that way ;)


I will buy endwar, NCAA 09, and R2 all through here now.


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I just bought ET: Quake Wars through the "used & new" link. Does that count?