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Should I get Iron Fury despite the controversy?

Yes 7 87.50%
No 1 12.50%
Mr Puggsly said:
RolStoppable said:
Yes. You called an Iranian woman a "fucking whore" and demanded her death, so moral standards of any kind shouldn't be an obstacle for you anymore.

Who was this Iranian woman and she a whore? We need some context before I judge him.

I'm not a socialist, but many people in the movie business are. So do what I do, steal it.

Hahahha I think your misunderstanding something.

The movie bussiness is one of the most ruthless money grubing captalistic bussines around.
They expect to make 10x returns on investments (otherwise the movie is a "failour").

Its why so many movies go the "safe route" and make a super hero, lame movie, that lacks real story or orginiality.
Most of the people in the industry are not "socialists" either.

I think your useing the word socialist to imply something that isnt in the word itself :p

(ei. you've fallen into a trap of american thinking, that all socialism = all the bad things of the world, and are thus useing it this way, instead of the actual meaning of the word)

*off topic, why would you even need to "judge" someone for calling someone a whore? and why does it matter if shes iranian or not?
People on here need to chill off with all this judgemental and bullying others over something said, thing. Dont jump on a hate bandwagon.

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