When will the switch outsell the ps4?

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When will the switch outsell the ps4?

Second half of 2022 6 4.48%
First half of 2023 3 2.24%
Second half of 2023 9 6.72%
First half of 2024 7 5.22%
Second half of 2024 11 8.21%
First half of 2025 5 3.73%
Second half of 2025 3 2.24%
Later than above 1 0.75%
Never 89 66.42%
StokedUp said:
Does the Switch Lite sales contribute to the main switch sales even though it's purely handheld so should be in the handheld section?!

Yes their both a Switch.
I'd argue that both are handhelds as well.

The dock just allows it to draw abit more power than a handheld normally would.

Also we dont need a handheld section do we?
Nintendo is the only one in it, and its competiteing agains traditional consoles.
Atm nintendo is the entire handheld market.

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zorg1000 said:
RingoGaSuki said:
Depends how quickly the PS4 dies off after the PS5 launch. If it continues to sell as the PS2 did, I don't think Switch will catch it. If it doesn't, then sometime in 2023.

It wont have nearly as strong post-successor legs as PS2. A few reasons being

1. emerging markets now get the consoles at or near the same time as the main markets.

2. PS3 released 5 years after PS2 while PS5 is releasing 7 years after PS4.

3. PS4 will never get close to the price that PS2 got to.

2000 and 2006 (2007 in EU) So not 5 years