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SpokenTruth said:
RolStoppable said:

Wow. What a turn of events. Coming completely out of nowhere.

I think of it as simply getting harder for them to lie about it not being political. 

What is it about then? doing the right thing? It is political, if it wasn't, Pelosi would add an article regarding Trump illegally assassinating a foreign general, but that would set an unsustainable precedent that neither party and not a single POTUS could or can live up to. 

Tulsi was right, hyper partisan interests from both sides are controlling the narrative, no principles whatsoever. She is sane enough to not to participate in this charade. 

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SpokenTruth said:

2). Let me get this straight.  You don't know if killing a high ranking military general and presidential successor of Iran may or may not lead to more civilian deaths?  Seriously?  What, you think Iran might be all, "Oh, hey , that's cool.  We won't retaliate."

3). Did you miss the part where Japan attacked our homeland?  You know, the second prepositional phrase in that sentence.  And the manner with which you just brushed off using 2 nuclear bombs is rather disturbing.

4). According to the Constitution, the power to enact war was given to Congress, not the President.  He has to consult Congress for war.  You don't need to be a politician to know this for most US citizens. You're Canadian so it's understandable your are familiar with how our Constitution established checks and balances on each branch of the government.

5). That's not how declaring war works. We were attacked by Japan on US soil and still officially declared war.

6). Then you obviously don't know much about the region. Our government is very much viewed as the aggressor for millions in the Middle East and southwest Asia (Central America too). Was it not us (and the UK) that overthrew their government in 1953 and installed the Shah?

I said I don't want more people to die.   Is that really considered standing on moral high ground to you?

That last sentence just shows how committed you are to having a real conversation. That is, quite frankly, the most blatant straw-man I've ever seen. Do you truly want me to reply to that? Of course we are on the same team when it comes to wanting people not to suffer... The high ground is how you want to, quote on quote, set things straight, as if you were some kind of authority on anything. Take a moment to understand how flawed you are, just like everyone else, then perhaps we can start to actually talk.

As for many of the points here, again you pull ideas to their extreme. Did it ever occur to you that I do not agree with the idea of war in general? How could you even suggest that I am okay with the idea of nuclear warfair? My point was simple, that sometimes it takes a bit of strong-arming to rectify the attitudes and behaviors of certain world players and I strongly believe in the idea of hurting the least amount of people while getting the message across as strongly as possible.

How you were able to turn such a simple concept against me is absolutely mind-blowing. Are you sure you're here to debate, or just here to put people down? If you want to actually talk, I'll address your points, but if you're going to just turn my words against me and portray me in a way that has nothing to do with who I am, I don't want to talk to you.

Rockets hit Iraq military base hosting US troops: Reports

Several rockets slam into Iraqi airbase north of Baghdad where US troops are based, officials and military sources say.

2 hours ago

Several rockets have slammed into an Iraqi airbase north of Baghdad where US troops are based, officials and military sources said, adding that at least four Iraqi airmen were wounded. A majority of US airmen stationed at the Balad airbase, 80km (50 miles) north of Baghdad, had already left, AFP news agency quoting military sources said on Sunday.


What a sad chain of events. Trump decides to kill Soleimani. 56 people are trampled to death at his funeral. Iran accidentally shoots down a civilian aircraft killing another 176 because they are on high alert. So much senseless loss of human life.


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SpokenTruth said:
The_Yoda said:

Aw damn, thanks.  Been at work and hadn't heard this yet.  It just didn't make sense for them to knowingly down that plane.

So far it definitely doesn't seem like it was on purpose.  And to be honest, if it were on purpose there would really be no way to know.  It still seems like a major screw up rather than intentional though.

Either way it sucks for everyone on board plus their friends and families.  There were people from several countries on that flight.  Thankfully no one on the ground has been reported to have been hurt.

Did you see the Iranian protests now that they have admitted they downed the passenger jet?  They (no idea of the percentage of the population - probably a relatively small one) are calling for the removal of the supreme leader... Hell it showed them even avoiding walking on paintings of an American and Israeli flag that were put on the ground for the purpose of being walked on. ...   How did Trump wind up getting such a lucky roll (at a horrible cost of course)? 

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I hesitate to wade into this thread, but did anyone notice that while everyone was arguing about the semantics of the legalistic definition of "imminent", that Iran was forced to back down, was humiliated, have had many of their proxies flee in fear, and have so badly mishandled the situation domestically that (far from the promise of an Iran united by the strike) they are facing large-scale demonstrations that will occupy their attention for a time? They're so messed up right now that they arrested the British ambassador the other day. Not to mention that Soleimani is gone forever and with him much operational experience in projecting power via proxy?

Seems to me that, when all the shouting dies down and the political arguments are waved away, the operation was a success beyond what could reasonably be hoped for in terms of deterring Iranian aggression with minimal blowback.  Maybe something will blow up tomorrow, but that's where it stands at the moment.

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Soleimani was on Israel's assassination list for several years but several attempts had failed. Well Trump gave Netanyahu his election gift and took the blame as well.



Still doesn't change the fundamental coordinates: Iran, Iraq and the Syrian government form a Shia axis supported with Russian technology. Iranian forces control the land bridge between Iran and Israel (that is Iraq+Syria). Meanwhile, Putty and Assad celebrate orthodox Christmas in Damascus.