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zorg1000 said:
DonFerrari said:
Took longer than what I thought it would, PS3 and PS4 dropped majorly compared to PS2 sales in Japan.

Speaking of PS2, next week NSW will pass it launches aligned.

LTD week 144



PS2 Dec 2002






NSW December predictions





Total-1+ million

It should pass PS2 next week and by the end of the year have close to a 500k lead

This is a 1:1 comparison because they both launched in the first week of March.

So the PS2 sold like 23m in Japan and the 3DS 24.5m. If the Switch has a long life like the PS2 or 3DS did, then it will surely match them.

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This is a milestone. But I don't think we expect Switch to be reaching any hugely impressive milestone when it's been out less than 3 years in the market. Maybe outselling XB1 (worldwide) will be impressive when it happens. That is about it. Give the Switch a few more years, and then it will be hitting the truly impressive milestones.

After Wii at 12.77 million, the next Japan sales milestones are:

- GBA at 16.96m

- SNES at 17.17m

- NES at 19.35m

- PSP at 20.01m

- PS1 at 21.59m

- PS2 at 23.18m

- 3DS at 24.57m

- Gameboy at 32.47m

- DS at 33.01m

KLXVER said:
Im kinda surprised the PS4 hasn't overtaken the PS3. It seems to do pretty ok in Japan.

Think it's mostly due to Japan not really caring about consoles anymore. It's a declining trend for traditional home consoles, so even with the PS4's improvements it's not closing the gap. 

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