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Do you own a VR Headset?

Yes, Playstation VR. 16 41.03%
Yes, an Oculus device . 2 5.13%
Yes, Ninendo Labo. 0 0.00%
Yes, Other device (Samsung, HTC etc). 1 2.56%
No but I intend to buy one. 3 7.69%
Not interested in VR. 17 43.59%

I own PSVR with PS4 Pro, and Samsung Gear VR (which is damn near as good as PSVR for some things). I've also extensively used Rift since Dev Kit 2, and I've played with Vive a bit.

I do not play in VR much. Frankly, I find 98% of the games to be little more than tech demos. They're fun to play with a time or two, but that's it. A big exception would be Astrobot, and though I've never played it, I believe Beat Saber is also a game I'd come back to.

The best experience I've ever had in VR was watching a live boxing match on my Gear VR headset. That really made me realize the potential that VR has for viewing live events, especially sports. Unfortunately, resolutions are currently too low, and the screen door effect too great (even on the better equipment) to watch most sports. Boxing works (as would MMA or Pro Wrestling), because it takes place in a small area. Basketball is pretty good too. Probably in one more screen improvement generation, watching basketball will be great. But, things like baseball, golf, or soccer, where one needs to be able to follow a small ball that may be hundreds of feet from the camera, just aren't even close to being viewable in VR as anything more than a proof-of-concept.

Anyway, I love VR in theory. In practice, I've found most of the software to be underwhelming. But, there's enough awesome stuff to keep me interested. I think we probably are at a point where VR is here to stay. I've been waiting for this since Sega was talking about it in the early 90s. So, this is a really interesting time to be a gamer, IMO.

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I have a psvr. It is an excellent paperweight. Unfortunately, vr experiences didn’t have a lasting appeal for me. I will not be purchasing any future vr stuff unless the technology drastically improves.

Yes, I own PSVR and I love it, Super hot Vr and Astrobot really blew my mind. More people should give it a try!

Pyro as Bill said:
Questions for you Lawnmower men.

- Do you use it outside of gaming? Would you choose to watch a movie in VR with a 200" screen over a 42" 4K pancake TV?
- Many of you seem eager to upgrade to PSVR2. Why? Is it for the visuals or hand tracking or controllers? If Sony didn't release a new headset would you be happy to use your current VR with PS5?

The Oculus Go has a few decent games but it's best used for other media. I plan to upgrade to a Quest soon but I waste so much money. I'm trying to slow down on the luxury purchases.

My big gripe with the PSVR is that I have to go thru so much to get into the experience. With the "Go" I just put it on and play. Wireless and instant, anywhere. Sometimes I even stream content from my PC. It even has its own built in speakers.

The PSVR is more powerful when it comes to gaming but having to fiddle with the HDMI (I have an old school non-HDR supporting PSVR), turning on the console, figuring out if the game in gonna play supports the Dual Shock or the Move, and being tethered to wires just makes it more intimidating.

It's not as complicated as it sounds but the Go is just so simple. The next PSVR should stream directly from the console and allow the headset to turn on the PS5. And of course offer higher res and better fps.

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I own a PSVR and some of the games have been superb experience, but I need the tech to improve drastically to become my go to output device. While there are some impressively sharp looking games around like Astrobot, Bound, Squishies or the LittleStar menu, the resolution is just too low to really enjoy it for me, especially games that have you looking into the distance (like racers) are impacted heavily in my opinion. Another thing I'd really love to use VR headsets for is 3D movies, but the PSVR is just not up to the task - there is hardly any 3D effect using it with 3D BRs, as the low res turns the image to mud. Res aside a big damper to the VR experience is the mura that plagues the sets I tested/had and can be described as looking through a dirty window - especially visible in dark games (and easy to ignore in brightly colored ones). Ofcourse tracking should also make a big leap forwards. If all these factors are addressed I'm in for PSVR2, not into PCVR as I don't plan to get into upgrade addiction again.

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d21lewis said:

The PSVR is more powerful when it comes to gaming but having to fiddle with the HDMI (I have an old school non-HDR supporting PSVR),

Yeah, it sucks. I'm currently finishing a few PS4 HDR exclusives, but after that is done, I'll probably reconnect my PSVR and leave it this way indefinitely.

For multiplatform games I prefer my Xbox One X and my PC anyways, can't see me buying new HDR content or multiplatform games for my PS4 Pro next year.