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Radek said:
LudicrousSpeed said:
Nah, not at all, but I'm not really going to bother bogging down a thread by going off topic and arguing graphics with you. Especially when you have such a flawed position to begin with :)

Resolution does not equal graphics, he was right.

1440p PS4 exclusive like TLOU 2 or Uncharted looks better than Gears 5 or Sea of Thieves in native 4K.

I don't think he was just talking exclusives.

But to avoid that debate, I clarify it generally has the best looking multiplats and has more content achieving 4K.

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siddhartha87 said:
Thanks for all your replies everyone, i ended up buying the Xbox One X after all.

Have 10 days off from work around Christmas so I thought that I might as well gift myself some 4K binge gaming :P

Enjoy! What's your experience with it so far? Do keep us posted.

I've had one since 2017 and it honestly didn't get much use from me outside of RDR2. Especially since I got Game Pass Ultimate and have a pretty powerful PC. Though, I do randomly check out some games that aren't on Game Pass for PC like DMC 5 and Ashen from time to time.