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Radek said:
Ah man... Xbox 360 was such an epic console, I could actually make a tribute thread dedicated to it... Xbox One will go down as the worst successor though...

Not even close Nintendo did it twice the N64 was way worse then the Super Nintendo and the Wii U was worse then the Wii even though the Wii had a dismal ending with tons of shovel ware.   And if we include handhelds nothing will ever be worse then the Virtual Boy which was supposed to be the successor to the Gameboy.  Also lets not forget about the Atari Jaguar it easily the worse console made by Atari even though it was the most powerful console they ever released.

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Hard to call it overhyped when the twitter feed basically stated what we will see and rather a low number of people reacting to it. In fact the show was refreshing, we know the initiative/playgrounds/343 are working on big projects with possible more studios working on big projects but those are for next year or later's reveal. Showing of games like Grounded that well preview/releases in 2020 makes sense. I suspect Everwild is the only game that will not release before 2020 's E3?

I hope you realize it's the end of the gen and MS just showed some new games which release months or a year after they showed it to us the first time and that they have games which will be for Scarlett but didn't show yet because they use them as big arguments when they fully reveal Scarlett.

I mean, did you expect MS to show their biggest guns now when they reveal Scarlet only next year? That doesn't even make any sense and I doubt you believed MS will show new XBO games which are huge just a few months before release.

So, what exactly would someone who uses his head and isn't only in to try to talk trash about something expect from such a show?

This show told us that MS is investing in much more diversity and many more games (especially from Japan) which is an awesome sign for the future but without showing us some games too early to let the Scarlett reveal look boring.

If you were that disappointed by the show then you weren't paying attention. They said what would be shown. Also that video is fucking hilarious. Dude is legit angry that Microsoft showcased some artsy games and indies and new IP's at a small event at the end of the gen. It's not like this is E3 lol.

Also I enjoyed the part where you said they didn't show anything of the caliber of two games that aren't even out yet lol. Also Death Stranding isn't a Sony game, they just paid for console exclusivity. You can buy it on PC next year. But if you want high production values, they just released Gears 5.

But are indies and artsy games bad now? Have we went full circle?

Last gen 360 had lots of indies and artsy games - oh no they are bad and don't count as games
Start of this gen PS4 had lots of indies and artsy games - oh wow these are brilliant so good eat shit microsoft
Now - lulz what are these indies and artsy games LOL

You can claim Obsidian and NT fans didn't want these games but these are games that were already in development before Microsoft bought them, so fans would have gotten them either way. I've actually played Bleeding Edge, I'm guessing you haven't, and it's very fun. I could go on about other things I enjoyed about the show (Streets of Rage 4 day one in GamePass) but why bother?

Radek, why in the world did you make this thread?

If it's to get back at the toxic users of VGC, you're targeting the wrong fanbase.

OT: I disagree. X019 had great content and pace.

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Replicant said:

Radek, why in the world did you make this thread?

If it's to get back at the toxic users of VGC, you're targeting the wrong fanbase.

OT: I disagree. X019 had great content and pace.

Why not? It's not toxic yet, let's keep it clean.

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I was kind of excited. I want a Halo box and apparently the Xbox S All Digital will be $150 this holiday season. Nice.

Sorry OP, but thread is bad and a huge bait. And the fact that you end with: This is not a bait and please don't turn this into a flame war, let's discuss in civil manner, thanks! That's just rich man.

The content of the show was great, I'm not really a fan of how they present it but the content was good... just because they dont show the singleplayer experience that looks like Tlou2 or Death Stranding doesnt mean it is abysmal, I'm sorry for your expectations.

MS has a lot going for them, Gamepass and Xcloud are better services than anyone else has to offer, some exciting new games exciting games that hasnt been on Xbox before and overall a whole ton of content. They've been pretty straight forward with that they are talking about Scarlet next year.

I think it was a good show, a 8/10 show, mostly directed to Xbox fans. The problem i have with the actual Microsoft is that they're focusing in everything i don't give a damn....

- Streaming/portability gaming: I don't want to play my games outside of my house..., period.
- Indie/AA games. Sorry. I can enjoy games like this from time to time but they are never the reason why i will buy a system or be hyped for it.
- With Game Pass, all the focus on games are in nostalgia and in the past. I don't want to buy a new system to play 5, 10, 15, 20 year old games....come on (although i admit, new games like Gears 5 or Outer Worlds launching with the service 1st day is very nice indeed).
- Getting ports/games already in other consoles from 2, 3, 5, 10 years ago.....Meh. I don't care.

All of these things are accesories, secondary things. Without a great 1st lineup first and foremost, they won't catch the competition. Game Pass, good services and power have existed against PS4 the last few years and that haven't changed a thing between them. PS4 still dominate them, even in the US, so....

I expect Microsoft announcing their big next gen guns in next E3. There's where they can impress people if they do things right.

Wasnt that bad. Could ve been worse. Abysmal, or top cringe, is the preceding PR hype. "Gonna be teh best evar! Over 9000 gaems!"

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