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- Game is roughly "35 to 40% complete"

- Still on track for 2020 release

- Will have an open world bigger than the first game, "but not as big as AAA games like Ubisoft's or Rockstar's"

- A new trailer will come out late this year or early next year

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Probably a trailer for the Game Awards. But nice, i didn't think it was close to halfway.

Looking forward to it!

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

I love NMH and Suda but dumping the open world in 2 was a better decision. Action games like these are better as linear and NMH1 ha smaybe the worst open world ever. Literally nothing in it. It was trash. I love the game but that was it's biggest issue. It served no purpose.

Now, I wonder how they'll fill that world. I hope for some interesting activities !

*Gets ready for lawning*

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Give Shinobu!

xMetroid said:
Probably a trailer for the Game Awards.

Yeah that's what I'm thinking, though I kinda hope not as there's several other games I'd much rather get a slot there.

can't wait. top 5 wii game 4 me. game awards trailer would make alot of sense given travis's gaming culture.

If they boast of a big world, they better add things to do in it, otherwise is just dead space.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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