Death Stranding soundtrack is absolutely freaking AMAZING (link inside)

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Not many death stranding players here on vgc? I feel like I'm the only one playing here.

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Check this also, it's truly amazing!

0D0 said:
Not many death stranding players here on vgc? I feel like I'm the only one playing here.

Count me on, actually I gradually understand why there are negative reviews for this game in early stage, since it's a game about connection, when there were not too many players playing the game, the game is indeed empty and hard to play, but with more and more people getting into this world, the game is being built rich, now I can really feel like being connected with others by using facilities and help from other players, and being given likes from others helping them in asynchronous manner. Being never experienced something like that in games and the feeling is actually very positive and satisfying, which I think is something those reviewers may not get when playing the game.

Radek said:

Check this also, it's truly amazing!

one of my favorites =)

My Game of the Year 2019: Death Stranding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFHK9zXyXsw&feature=emb_logo

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Having played the game for 100 hours and again played the OST and individual tracks multiple times I can confidently say this is the best OST of the generation. The mule music to the cargo high when fighting them to the incredible tracks like A final waltz, that seem like they would belong in a Hanz Zimmer film and even to the damn lulaby song for BBs theme which is so damn emotional. All just perfect, Shit, this is up there with the best in Sci fi films like Sunshine or Interstellar. There has been so many great OSTs this gen but nothing with this solid breath and consistency throughout. I'm even quite impressed with the Low roar tracks, not them exactly but the use and placement of them. Fucking stunning stuff.


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When a final Waltz starts at around 48 minutes and the piano and violin kick in this shit just gets top tier. It seems to be all one long track like an opera, whoever put this together is a damn genius. Not only are the individual themes absolitely perfect and fitting by themselves but put them together and they fit like puzzle pieces. Third time listenting to it now along with like half a dozen times from A final Walts to stepping stones and it is my favourite piece music from any genre in quite a while but I rarely listen to music unless it is packaged with something else or in radio land. This has goyten me listening to other stuff too that is out of my general routine. Fucking amazing.


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