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What's your favorite?

Resident Evil 15 60.00%
Silent Hill 3 12.00%
Other 6 24.00%
They're All Terrible! 1 4.00%

The original Resident Evil. The music and atmosphere is spot on.

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Nogamez said:
Condemned criminal origins
Resident Evil 2
Shadowman (does that count)

Where did you come from? Talk about great taste in games. Thumbs up!

I'll throw Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem on the list as well, it also sits at #1 on my favorite games of all time list. Definitely an awesome unique experience as far as video games go, even by today's standards, highly recommend.

The Last of Us, of course!

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Amnesia, Silent Hill 2, Eternal Darkness

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Condemned was excellent

Nothing would top RE on my list.

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Tough choice! I think RE 0-4 and 7 are excellent, as well as Silent Hill 1-3. I love Eternal Darkness and I enjoyed ZombiU as well, but I think I'll go with Fatal Frame 2 on the Wii. That atmosphere is super intense! It made me lose quite some sleep, honestly. Fatal Frame 5 on the Wii U is also very, very good, though.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

Y'all remember that scene in Silent Hill 2 when James put his hand into that filthy toilet full of puke? 

That game pushed quite some limits back then. 

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

When Resident Evil 4 dropped on GameCube in 2005 I thought it was the best game I'd ever played..... Not much has changed.