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Keiji said:
I'm totally addicted to the game.

After 2 hours I wasn't convinced but after 3 hours I couldn't stop anymore. Just played 6 hours straight.

Same, I can't even progress the story I'm so addicted to doing standerd orders among the first few citie, grabbing lost cargo, settibg up infrastructure to make thr trips a bit better every time and knowing it will help the players who get matched into my network.


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After my third session of the game (after ch 3)......:

This game is amazing. There's really not much more to say.

Don't believe the haters (the ones giving 3/10, 4/10, 5/10, 6/10). Like every 9/10 or 10/10 game you'll find people that like it and people who don't, but even if you find it's not a game for you, you can't deny what this game does well. Pretty convinced now that the game was review bombed by some critics for the clicks, and i'm saying that honestly. The game is not perfect, but it's nothing below an overall 8/10 game at least (if your're honestly objective). The gameplay loop can be addicting if you dig on it, and the production values/story is in another level compared to 95% the rest of the industry. This game is going to have an amazing word of mouth in the next few days and weeks. It's a game about "moments" that make you click with you. The graphics, the setting, the music, the moment to moment, .... It's the work of a man with a vision behind that wanted something specifically created in his mind, and it mostly works. In this regard is very similar to some of the best awarded indie games this generation, only in a budget and scope of a AAA title.

Clear GOTY contender. I can't wait to keep playing the game until it ends.

I should add that I found the game even more beautiful after 3 hours.

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Keiji said:
I should add that I found the game even more beautiful after 3 hours.

Watching some gameplay and it really looks gorgeous.

Even witth YT compression.

Saturday I got my copy. I've played 10 hours so far.

So far so good. The game is what I was expecting. I'm enjoying it.

The game feels Japanese, complex RPG (kinda), menu-heavy, sim-like. It's a game that requires a bit of strategy, a lot of reading, experimentation, gear and item management, and journey management. I'd say it's some sort of Japanese science fiction journey-delivery simulator. Which means that it could be boring for many.

If you're into niche, sim, Japanese RPG, lots of menus sort of game, you gonna love it. That's my case.

- This game is more about avoid confrontation and trying to have the most relaxing journey possible.
- Moving your character feels like you're moving a tank. Walking is not boring when you see Sam as a vehicle. You're not walking or running, you're driving. It's like a delivery 4x4 rallying.
- Journeys are long, so they feel like those long-quest games (Monster Hunter of sorts). You have to get prepared, manage your items, make sure your cargo is good to go, and then you go. You might fail, you might get frustrated, you might lost your cargo or fall, and that's all part of the experience. If you're into this, it's a lot addictive. Like I'm always trying to have my cargo as best protected as possible. It's addictive to try to make the perfect journey.
- Fighting is a nuisance. But I guess it's designed like this. You're supposed to deliver, not fight foes after foes. Enemies, either living or dead, they're there to disrupt your delivery, and not to be beaten.
- The journey is satisfying when you play this like you're conquering your journey: terrain, geography, gear management, vehicle preparation. etc. Otherwise, if you think you're just playing a fetch quest in a open world game, you're not gonna like it. That's not the purpose of the game.
- The game is beautiful: sounds, terrain, skies, music, texts, dialogue. The script is high quality. Everything is very well made. Graphics are among the best I've ever seen.
- Menus are quite hard to surf. Not exactly a nuisance, but it's a game for those who don't get bothered by games that require you to be careful with menus and to read a lot.

Do you like games like Monster Hunter, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fire Emblem (in permanent death mode), complex Japanese games in general, niche simulators? You're going to love it.
Are you looking for standard open world adventure. Wrong game. Stay away from it. Most reviewers that gave bad scores reviewed this game wrong.

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