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I was never able to bring myself to finish TLoU either, so I got excited to see someone else that shared a similar opinion of it, until I saw who it was.



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SammyGiireal said:
I think OP is trolling. No serious gamer quits a game after 5 minutes, especially one as great as the LoU.

Its not just tlou i dropped alan wake, tomb raider in 5/10 mins

Its simple if i dont have a vibe coming from a game i drop it, sorry you feel the need to protect the system

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Hell, i never even played it. To me ND games are super boring. I think their marketing does a great job hyping folks up but their games are just a bore to play.
I feel the same way about Zelda, give no effs about both games.

kirby007 said:

It gave me the same vibe as detroit become human which i dropped after about an hour.

So i cut my lossed and rather went on my 6th run in darksiders 3

I guess tastes in games can differ.... but to me thats like a double fail.
Both Detroit become human + TLoU are much better games imo than Darksiders.

SammyGiireal said:
I think OP is trolling. No serious gamer quits a game after 5 minutes, especially one as great as the LoU.

It makes more sense than anything else to me, lmao.

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I guess I'm one of the few who actually liked the stealth action and didn't care much about the story.

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A Nintendo fan making a thread to downplay a beloved PS exclusive. Eh, how original.

I wonder what purpose these threads have.

I quitted the game after two hours. Gameplay is clunky (Joel controls like his balls are made of steel or something) and story gets in its way more often than not. I find it very annoying when a game gives me control over my character and allows me to explore the enviroment... while it makes the characters have a conversation (sometimes VERY LONG conversations)... that can be cut short without any indication or warning due to me moving too far away. And on TLoU, that happens all the time.

That being said and while I think the game has a very bad overall design, I can't understand why someone would quit in the first 10 minutes. I mean... The game is just introducing himself. It hardly does anything good or bad on any aspect by that point. If anything, I think the introduction is pretty good and is interesting from a story perspective. But... to each their own I guess xD

Don't blame you, that is the way of this generation of gamers. They hate stuff before even giving anything a chance.

Wow, and I thought Colin Moriarty had terrible judgement of arguing against reviewers (who completed the story and played a a great number of hours akin to RPGs) giving Breath of the Wild high scores by saying it's not that highly rated based only on two hours and not completing the tutorial area. It's very ignorant, but then again being a former IGN staff, can't spell ignorance without IGN.

Typical Nintendo Fanboy's response to a Playstation masterpiece

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