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Official NPD: Coming soon

You can predict hardware/software sales/ranking in the meantime. Best prediction of ResetERA last month:

[NSW] 240K
[PS4] 180K
[XB1] 90K

From score01

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My predictions

[NSW] 543K
[PS4] 249K
[XB1] 133K

NSW 660K
PS4 240K
XO 120K

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I'll join !

NSW : 484K
PS4 : 284K
Xbone : 117K

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Who still cares about NPD , when we don't get the hardware numbers anymore?

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NSW- 520k
PS4- 205k
XBO- 130k

[NSW] 437K
[PS4] 195K
[XB1] 99K

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Predictions for Nintendo NX and Mobile

This month should be a bloodbath for Switch and X1 be a spot on the radar, PS4 doing somewhat stable.

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NSW: 575k
PS4: 230k
XBO: 115k

NSW: 540k
PS4: 260k
XBO: 140k