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I choose...

2010 3 8.82%
2011 0 0.00%
2012 0 0.00%
2013 0 0.00%
2014 5 14.71%
2015 0 0.00%
2016 4 11.76%
2017 7 20.59%
2018 1 2.94%
2019 14 41.18%

For me it's close between 2010 (reveals for Donkey Kong Country Returns, Skyward Sword, Goldeneye 007, Kirby's Epic Yarn) and 2014. (BOTW, Splatoon, Captain Toad)

Ultimately I went with 2010 as 4 awesome new games > 3 awesome new games. XD

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But it doesn't beat 2004 with that Twilight Princess reveal ;)

Hmm.....I'm probably going to go with 2014 because of it probably having the best Direct theme and presentation with a lot of good games. I liked the puppets in 2015 but not enough with it , and this years Bowser joke was perfect, but it was just really that.

Maybe if Bowser kept trying to host parts of it....

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2016, easily.

That was the year they showed off Breath of the Wild, and really that was all they needed to show.  I had waited for 25 years for this game to be released.  I really couldn't believe they had made it at first.  But I just kept watching, every damn minute from the Nintendo Tree House, I kept watching this game.  My wife was like, "You're watching too much, you are going to spoil the whole game for yourself."  But I was like, "No, they are only showing off one tiny region.  This game world is going to be huge, and the gameplay looks amazing.  I MUST HAVE THIS GAME!"

The best part is, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the Wii U era of suck had ended.  This was a new kind of software that they had made for their new system, "the NX".  The games would be as fresh as the Wii, but they would be for traditional gamers instead of the new Wii market.  I knew, even before the Switch was announced, that it was going to be a successful console.  (Of course I didn't know it would be the best selling console of all time until after the official announcement.)


The Nintendo 3DS was unveiled, and there were some quality first and third party games shown on Wii.

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Two moments really stand out for me:


(Well, this one wasn't the E3 trailer, It was from January 2017, but I liked it a lot more). 

Incidentally, my two favourite console games of the decade.

But this E3 was the best one of all time IMO:

And here is the Xenoblade Chronicles X treehouse:

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I'm giving this to E3 2019, because out of it we got Banjo-Kazooie's return to a Nintendo system. This may have been their best E3 in years.

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Interesting that 2016 and 2018 got votes in both the "Best E3" and "Worst E3" thread.

Quite divisive and controversial shows those two.

I can’t say anything about worst E3 because I don’t really remember any of them other than the stuff that stood out. It’s mainly what they have done with the “treehouse event” that has made it stand out for me. Otherwise it’s a bunch of trailers, and I usually don’t recall which Nintendo Directs played those trailers.

2016 stuck out the most to me with the tremendous amount of Zelda coverage, so I consider it the best. My second favourite is the one with all the Xenoblade Chronicles X coverage, but I don’t know what year that was, or even if it was E3.

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curl-6 said:

Interesting that 2016 and 2018 got votes in both the "Best E3" and "Worst E3" thread.

Quite divisive and controversial shows those two.

2016 is about what you think E3 is for I suppose.  They presented what they wanted to present very well and it was very effective.  It was also almost entirely one game.

2018, it's literally a matter of whether you like Smash.  It had some good announcements like Dameon X Machina (which I know wasn't dynamite at launch but was a very cool surprise at the time) and Super Mario Party being the first good MP in ages.  And the DLC for Xenoblade turning out to be as massive as it was. And some cool third party announcements that unfortunately got leaked.   But there's no getting around Smash being so much of the show.