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Also, there is a severe lack of avatars in this thread.

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TheMisterManGuy said:

Game Freak, developers of the popular Pokemon series is one of the most famous and talented developers in the industry.

No, just no. They're not even close to being one of the most talented developers in the industry, they're pretty shite actually. They hit it out of the park in '96, they were definitely one of the most talented devs around at the time, but whereas everybody else got better they really haven't.

Their game mechanics have only improved by a small margin each generation, they've arguably got less content than before (post game content has always been lacking, but Sun/Moon were especially bad) and they haven't even got the open world excuse that so many other games have. Their graphics are still lagging way behind what others can do in 2019. So yeah, they're significantly inferior to other devs when it comes to talent.

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Are you on drugs? Game Freak is nowhere the most talented developers in the industry. C class developers like Gust and Compile Heart have surpassed them in tech usage and modern game design. There are a Indie developers that have outdone them. Little Town Hero looks like a gamecube game, it also feels like something of that time. I'm not surprised though, when the lastest Pokemon game is still using symbols to imply Pokemon attacking each other instead of just showing Pokemon attacking each other you know something is up.

mZuzek said:
Also, there is a severe lack of avatars in this thread.

It's early in the morning, man. XD

About GameFreak, I think it's a combination of their refusal to grow as a studio and mobile suddenly eating their turf.

Pokemon games inevitably get bigger and bigger with the hardware, but GF always makes a similar scale titles by adding and removing features. The closest thing to a fully complete pokemon game is HGSS on the DS, and that's years ago. The excuse of wanting to make every game unique is a copout to avoid putting the efford of having to top that next game.

As for mobile, Pokemon Go made more money than all other pokemon games. Combined. The Pokemon Co. saw the gold mine that was mobile and is going more and more for it. The only reason they are not going full mobile is Nintendo's share on Pokemon's ownership. GameFreak is sweating bullets trying to be relevant on that area, and thus they are hoping for another big hit that makes their position somewhat safer, hence My Little Town. That's also the reason why Pokemon is basically releasing annually too: they need to earn decent amounts of money to not be overshadowed by phone games.

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gamingsoul said:
They got lazy because people buy their games regardless of the quality or lack of innovation,...

^ basically my take on it as well.

Why bother with all that effort.
Game Freak arnt trying to make fantastic works, just money.
They ll apparently do the bare minimum.

TheMisterManGuy said:

Game Freak, developers of the popular Pokemon series is one of the most famous and talented developers in the industry.

Their "known" but I wouldnt call them "one of the most talented developers in the industry".

Way back when, they had a great idea for a game.... since then? they have been liveing off of it, without much inovation, or evolution.
When you look at the techniqual aspects, gameplay or story, or graphics... nothing screams "industry leader".

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For me, they sorta peaked with Black and White/2. Since then, I haven't been able to get into the newer games because of low framerates/frustratingly slow gameplay. Obviously I'm in the minority, but I know that if they put some effort into making a decent game engine, I'd play.

Ok I had to stop reading when you said SWAH looked like a 3ds game lol

ok edit: saw some people say that game freak won’t try harder cause people buy their games no matter what. Can’t speak for anyone but myself, but GF hasn’t made a bad Pokémon game yet,so I trust them with my money. Until they do make a bad one, I will continue to support them 

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Firstly, you should realise that Pokemon isn't a series which is defined by graphics. The game doesn't need to break resolution barriers, it is about the gameplay and the world you have to explore. And I still don't get why everyone gets hung-up on framerate drops.
Ok, if the game is bugging out and you drop to 2 per second and nothing is loading then I get that that is unplayable. But when you're doing single player and the game drops from 55 to 53 then how is that bothering you? Personally I've never seen a major problem in any Pokemon game.

The game not having a complete national dex is more of an issue, an I've not really understood why GF can't do that.

They're a crap developer that managed to get land a hit IP. In fact, the IP being such a hit is probably why they're a crap dev. No need to try to make great games when your mediocre ones sell many millions. Maybe one day they'll slack hard enough that a Pokemon game will seriously underperform and they'll learn their lesson. I ain't holding my breath though.

Talented? Well that's the first time I've heard that... My impression is exactly that they're not all that talented, and that's why we're seeing these problems now. Also, Pokémon might be a huge pain too. Creating so many unique models and animating them takes a lot of time. Even if they're able to re-use already existing assets (e.g. from Pokémon GO, which I'm not sure is the case or not), I expect them having to still animate the Pokémon. But yeah, I think the main problem is that they're simply not all that talented or good.