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This is unfortunate. I’m not a multiplayer guy, but I played TLoU multiplayer to platinum the game, and it was good for multiplayer. Was hoping TLoUp2 would step it up and knock the multiplayer out of the park.

They don’t really give any detailed reason for excluding it. And it seems something odd has happened, bc they stated TLoUp2 would have multiplayer as recently as 2018.


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Never played multiplayer in TLOU or the Uncharted series for that matter. But it wouldn't surprise me if Multiplayer is added after launch. Either way it doesn't matter too much to me.

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I know its not the focus of any of these games, but its a bit of a shame not that have that "plus" tho. Uncharted 4's multiplayer is surprisingly very good.

2013: The Last of Us
2014: The Last of Us: Left Behind (standalone DLC)

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2020: The Last of Us - Part II
2021: Standalone The Last of Us multiplayer game (not part of The Last of Us - Part II) 

You heard it here first.

Personally I wouldn't mind this, as we, the players, would get the most ambitious single player campaign to date, as well as what will probably Naughty Dog's most ambitious multiplayer. Giving the multiplayer 1-1½ years more development time will certainly benefit all parties. 

Didn't the first one had MTX in ? Good then.

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That's it, pre order canceled!

Good, single player games don't need multiplayer tacked on for no good reason.

Chrkeller said:
Good, single player games don't need multiplayer tacked on for no good reason.

True. Good sp games don't need it but TLOU's mp is gold.

I really hope it will be added later.

Chrkeller said:
Good, single player games don't need multiplayer tacked on for no good reason.

Excuse my french, but that ruffles my feathers! TLOU multiplayer was AMAZING.

Meh, will wait for a good sale or buy used then. $60 is too much for a linear SP game I won’t play more than once. That’s like if Gears launched with no MP. Yuck.