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Since most that replied in the article posted here too then I don't want to be left out.
a) I'm all for it
b) for those that are not , would there be an option to "hide" those stories kind of like how we do it with political threads now? Out of site out of mind would seem to quell the objections I would think.

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As long as it doesn't contribute or lead to possible spoilers.

...to avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

I probably won't be looking at it too much, but it doesn't harm my experience with the site :D

I rather get the old game charts back

Genius aint it more charts about videogames

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I always look at the weekly box office, but not sure how I feel about it being here. I guess I would like it if it generates good discussion.

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super_etecoon said:
I hate to post it here...since it is off topic. But if you want to be relevant in videogames or movies or whatever, you must fix the mobile site. It is imperitive. Most people just aren't using PCs or laptops for their online experience.

Agree that this is a priority. Not sure if this is something @TalonMan can do when he returns though. If he can't then that only leaves @TruckOSaurus on staff who can do dev work, and I imagine it's a pretty big project :/


On topic - I think that posting Box Office charts as news is a decent idea. It's in-keeping with the chart concept. I'm not keen on the idea of posting general TV and movie news though, except that which is directly related to games (e.g. The Witcher tv series).

Couldn't really care less, especially if it were US only.

Now music charts I might be interested in (again, assuming it's not US only of course).

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To get vgchartz more exposure they need to bring Video game software sales back , but, this is ok too let's see if this helps more

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We already have Box Office Mojo for that. I'd rather this site stick to its original focus of video games. In fact, while it was never its stated purpose, I think VGC ought to do more to expand its tracking efforts to be as accurate as possible, if not with software thanks to digital's erosion of physical's market share, then at least with hardware.