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Xxain said:
Toad Cloud still has the Buster Sword on his back.

And at one point you can see the Buster Sword has full collision detection with the scenery as he removes it from his back. The attention to detail is just insane. I can't wait to play this.






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We see Tseng before we see Red... sad times. I like that they re keeping some quirks in it, seems they are having to change progression though, Shiva before Junon.

Hmm, pie.

In terms of presentation it certainly looks the part, we shall see how it plays. The episodic nature remains a bummer. There might be a lot of CC filler in order to extend it. I don't know how I feel about that possibility yet.

Guys hold up. Time out... Hit the pause button..

Don Corneo sounds like Mark Hamill with the Joker voice.

at 1:05


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Love it. The Reno battle bits look fantastic.
I hope they dont do much change to the personalities of the Turks, i love 'em.

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Looks so freakin amazing!!!!!!!

This game will boost ps4 sales quite a lot. My friends dont play games anymore but they are considering buying a ps4 just for this because ff7 was their first rpg and one of their favorite games ever. It was also my first rpg and we were all in high school when we first played it.


Not the best of quality but I tried.



First Class SOLDIER?


Chad Cloud

Some Demonic horse thing.

The Turks are back.

Spetacular trailer, I may end up liking FF7.

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