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It sounds like X might have to be my first in the series as well. For me, an interesting, fun battle system is the most important aspect in JRPGs, followed by the world building/atmosphere - moreso than the narrative - and it sounds like FFX excels most in these aspects. After that, I think I'll backtrack and hit what the fans claim to be the best in the series - VI, VII, IX (consensus seems to be that VIII's combat is one of the worst). And I definitely feel I'd enjoy XII with the mix of real-time and turn-based combat.

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UltimateGamer1982 said:
Buy VIII next off the eshop. It’s great.

That one's my personal favourite.

By far my favourite gameplay due to the insane amount of freedom you have as a player with customization, crafting, and the multiple options to power up characters. At the time of its release, it had one of the most robust crafting systems of any game, and probably the only major game that HAD a robust crafting system (or, perhaps any crafting system at all). There are SO many different options available in the game, it's a minmaxers dream come true.

It also has my favourite characters and story of the franchise.

For players like me who like to motor through card games, the new 3X speed which really helps when playing Triple Triad which I both have more tolerance for (due to the smoother experience) and can do much more quickly - so I can play longer and at a faster rate, meaning MUCH more crafting material.

Though I also love FF6 and FF7. The Kitase trilogy (FF6, FF7, and FF8) are godlike, IMO. I also love FF Tactics and FF Legend 2.

Other's I like are the NES versions of FF1 and FF3 (not the remakes so much), as well as FF4 and FFX.

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I had finally beaten X. Holy crap the grind at the end kind of made the game feel uneven. Other than that I loved it. I tried X-2 for an hour and I shelved it... It was terrible. I looked at the cutscenes instead... Terrible....

I look forward to XII next though.