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Jpcc86 said:
You'd have to play and see what you like, cause Final Fantasy can get you very divisive opinions.
Personally I find X to be very average in the franchise, It'd be around the middle of "the best FFs" list, but I guess this is no thread for criticisms. I'd recommend you play if you have the time anything between 4-15. Skip 13 tho, you dont need that kind of negativity in your life.

I have noticed that lol. 

I'll be doing X-2 next, then XII (as I have already purchased those). I will go from there. Definitely interested in F7 Remake now.


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The greatest game of all time.

If you ever get the chance, try Final Fantasy Tactics. PS1 original. The best Jerry! The best!

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X was the one that got me into the franchise as well. You should also give XII and IX a try. As well as VI.

Awesome to hear you're enjoying it, that's one of the reasons I always tell people to "shup" when they complain about ports of older titles coming to the Switch, I mean, true you could dig out a PS2 and play this there on some old CRT TV, or you can enjoy what people did 15+ years ago now on a handheld in bed, on a plane or on the bog, more ports of older titles the better considering there are people who've never played these titles get to experience them for the first time in a great format.

There is so much Final Fantasy love on the Switch now as well, I have FFVII, World of and XV pocket edition, and I just wanna say to keep in mind that very few Final Fantasy games play the same, there will always be some which are similar but never the exact same, World of Final Fantasy for example has more in lines with Pokemon than a Traditional game and if you seen people talking about Final Fantasy Tactics as being great (which it is) it's great but it's more a Disgaea type game than a Final Fantasy title.

If you love the music and have a 3DS as well there is an amazing rhythm game on there called Theathrhythm Final Fantasy, has songs from titles spanning over 20 years of Final Fantasy, also there is 2 versions of that game, base game and one called Curtain call, Curtain call basically has all the content of the base game and so much more, get that if you are interested in playing it imo.

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Slownenberg said:
JWeinCom said:

Final Fantasy series is pretty hit or miss. In general, the gameplay isn't really exceptional, so it more depends on what stories resonate with you, which kind of varies from person to person. Out of the ones I played I loved X and VII, somewhat disliked VIII, couldn't get into XV, liked XII but got bored partway through, and found 13 to be a chore.

That's so weird for me to hear because I grew up on the original three Final Fantasies (I, IV, VI) and they were all incredible. Played part of VII as well which was also awesome. I know SNES/PS1 was the height of Square's powers and almost everything they made back are among the greatest RPGs ever, still funny to hear someone says Final Fantasy is hit and miss, clearly though it's the later ones, PS2 and later.

FVII was my first and I didn't really go back until many years later.  I played 6 a couple of years ago, and I didn't make it through.  Not that it was bad, but life just got in the way.  Been meaning to go back to it.

But, yeah.  I guess when I said that I really had the latter half of the franchise in mind. 

FarleyMcFirefly said:

I'm playing through X on the Switch. I think I'm almost done... I'm in the Zanarkand ruins right now. The track "A Fleeting Dream" just really hits me for some reason. So powerful. I've enjoyed the story so far, the characters (Auron is pretty darn awesome), the soundtrack. Not flawless game, but a phenomenal experience. I am really excited to start other titles in the series, but I worry they won't be as good. 

Just thought I'd leave this post. I freaking love this game and am grateful that it is on the Switch, otherwise, I would have never played it.

It's a great game, one thing to bear in mind though is, for many people, their first FF game becomes their favourite one. So bear that in mind if you're playing the others and they don't seem quite as good, it's probably not their fault, it's just that you already got hooked on another one.

The Zanarkand ruins section is pretty memorable, the game feels like it was leading up to this moment, this moment that was shown to you right at the beginning with everone sitting silently around the fire. Then when "A Fleeting Dream" kicks in...it's such a great track and the way it continues to play throughout the battles is an effective trick that many other FF games have used, it works every time.

Personally, FFX is in my top 5 FF games and I'd strongly recommend playing some of the other games, since you have a Switch, FF7,8,9 and 12 are all good games and within what I consider the "golden age" of FF games.

X is great, you will probably enjoy VI,VII,VIII,IX. XII is different you can another team made the game. A very good RPG but no longer felt like FF. Avoid XIII it is the low point of the series. XV surprisingly restored my faith in the series, as the story turns out to be pretty good towards the latter part of the game. The golden era of the series remains from VI-X as Sakaguchi over saw those titles.

There are a lot of FF games I really love and X is one of them. Auron may be the most badass character in any video game ever.

For the love of god, please don't play VIII after it. It's the least polished game out of all FF games and can be quite hard to grasp. It's basically just fan fodder for people who are really into FF games, like me. I'd say, check out XII or XIII if you can. If you want something more traditional and fantasy, start with IV or V. VI and VII seem to resonate well with people who also like X, so have a look at them.

It really depends on what you liked about X. Most FF games have their very own and unique blend of gameplay and story elements so it can definitely be hit or miss for the individual.

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