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Not gonna read any posts in this thread because I don't want anything that's been leaked to be spoiled for me, but oh boy I'm well excited for this, fingers crossed for some info on potentially SNES games coming to the Switch online sub because they've already run out of NES titles that anyone gives a rats about and that service needs some more love from at least the last 3 decades of Nintendo.

More of those full game trial weeks would be awesome as well, getting to play a bit of mario tennis was a really great way of not selling me a copy of that game, so I appreciate that my 20 euro year sub saved me buying a 40-60euro game! Good guy Nintendo.

Will check back into this thread after the event to see who's leaks were good and who needs some adult diapers for theirs!

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I guessed the direct date exactly, so I'm going to throw out my hopes/predictions for the direct in hopes some/all of them come true :P

  • Direct starts with the next Smash reveal - I really hope the leak regarding who it is isn't true, absolute most boring nobody character they could have picked if it is. I don't really have any wishes here anymore. Maybe Phoenix Wright?
  • LM3 gets shown off, DQXI gets a quick trailer.
  • Bethesda/Panic Button bringing Fallout to the Switch
  • Pikmin Collection (remaster of 1, 2 and 3) announced for release in November, 4 in development for release next year.
  • Bayonetta 3 teaser shown off, release date given as October 2020.
  • New Pokemon starters have their evolutions shown
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (both Rescue Team and Explorers) get ported to Switch, with remastered music and graphics (not remade - the pixel art is perfect as it is). Alternatively, a new PMD in the style of the first two is announced.
  • Pokemon/Fire Emblem crossover; with FE gameplay and Pokemon elements (like Conquest) announced for release next year.
  • SNES games being added to Online, available after the direct. DKC, SMW, Earthbound (a total of 10 games including these) are available from the start.
  • Super Mario Party 2 announced for release next June
  • Animal Crossing gets another trailer
  • Indie/3rd Party reel
  • Direct closes with the reveal of Super Mario Odyssey 2; releasing next July.
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Rare Replay is coming y'all, get ready.


Lonely_Dolphin said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Let's see if this direct can live up. I honestly think the E3 Direct and the February Direct were the best ones we've seen thus far. My expectations for this are a lot lower since they have so many games releasing in the next few months, and most of them have gotten extensive coverage (Link's Awakening, Dragon Quest 11 S, Daemon X Machina, Luigi's Mansion 3, etc).

I'm kind of surprised no one is predicting a Paper Mario announcement. Intelligent Systems played a very small part in Three Houses - I don't think they even wrote the game. And considering all the Paper Mario talk, now would be a perfect time for an announcement.

I could also see Monolith's new IP being shown.

What Paper Mario talk? That series may as well be dead, they've said they weren't going to give us another game like the first two.

I honestly hope they go for a sequel to Super Paper Mario.Havent played The Tousand Year Door, but the first Paper Mario was mediocre.

Super Paper Mario was excellent, and I want to see a sequel to it.

This should be a very interesting direct, setting the stage for the last months of the year. Really hope the Overwatch for Switch rumor is true!

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TruckOSaurus said:
This should be a very interesting direct, setting the stage for the last months of the year. Really hope the Overwatch for Switch rumor is true!

At your risk, if you haven't look the internet right now :

It apparently leaked already (lol). We're talking about a release in October 15th for NA, October 18th for Europe.

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I hope that the SNK rep rumour is true they've innovated the fighting genre for decades.


Green098 said:


Should be here within 3 hours and 15 minutes!! :D

Some days I just blow up.

Inb4 Narnia dlc is announced for Botw 2. Title below:

The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild 2 X Chronicles of Narnia

Cinematic intro of Link and Zelda fighting Ganon, only for Ganon's eyes to go wide with shock, leading him to flee before them. They turn around to see what he saw. There, descending down steps clouded by icy fog, comes the Ice Queen herself, Jadis. The screen goes black and a lions roar can be heard and a fairy shouting for Link to Listen followed by Zelda's please for him to wake up.