Night in the Woods Dev commits suicide in light of accusations against him.

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SammyGiireal said:
Suicide is not an admission of guilt. Everyone has a different mental makeup. I have seen Military guys comeback from tours phycologically ruined, other return to a normal life fine. I have seen people commit suicide over financial hardships and I have seen many who just go on even if left on the street. There are different mental issues or underlying illnesses than can flare up during stressful events. Allegations of that kind would mentally screw up anyone even if innocent because your reputation just took an almost irreparable hit and your professional career might be done. We need to stop judging individuals, especially those that can no longer defend themselves.

and literally no one said it was. I have seen over the last 24 hours that there is a lot of anger about this topic but please do make sure to fully read posts before jumping on them and starting to debate a point which wasn't made. Myself and @Barozi both simply said that it looks bad and does give the suggestion of guilt to take his own life like this, neither of us said it was an admission of guilt, just that it doesn't look good. As you state yourself as well, he also took away his ability to ever tell his side of the story on this by doing what he done, he could have perfectly explained exactly what went down between the 2 parties or at least given his side of the story, now that opportunity is lost forever and all we have to take is her word and those around them both, His voice is sadly missing from this case because of his choice to take his own life.

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Thinking I'm gonna put this game downloading again to get all of the different scenario's played out fully, I missed some stuff with the hobo during my play-through of it. Really would recommend people check out the game if you've never heard of it, it's just such a strange story of hopelessly trying to stop time from moving on and wanting to go back and curl up in your parents house just like you could as a kid while life wants you to get a job and stop being a little brat.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games? https://youtu.be/1I7JfMMxhf8

John2290 said:

The man lost everything in a few days over accusations from a women he had in the past stated as a pathological liar who always got her way. He wasn't going to get his career, friends, fresh identity, self respect back and even his family turned on him post death so god knows what his sister was doing pre death to protect her career from the wrath of the internet executioners. This is a for life thing and would follow him right up to his final year if he has lasted to be 100.

It's not an admission of guilt, I'd say the one guilty here without question is Zoe Quinn and all else who piled on the usual destruction without any evidence train all the way down to the lowly souls who send toxic messages as soon as they here it and block peoples objections on Era like sites and forums. She is guilty regardless of wheter the Night in the woods dude is, along with the rest of the disgusting lot and the infantile state of our society on the internet right now. Leave this shit to the law first and after a trail or inquiry or whatever form it takes and you still want to spread your message on social media and rake in support from strangers, boost your victim points, help others who may be in a similar siutation or whatever the reason that may take, then do it after the law has handled with it. If she had gone to the law this man may still be alive and Zoe would have justice eventually if it were true he was quilty as any victim would want.

Going on social media invalidates everything you say and people are starting to wake up to this nonsense after the umpteenth time they have dealth with it this and been mislead over thousands of reports and after seeing Zoe Quinn do this victim shit multiple times now without a second of proper legal channels I think it's safe to say she is doing it for other reasons and quite possibly got an innocent man killed.

And regardless, the media are reporting and slanting it as unprovoked sexual assualt, I was under the strong impression he had raped her during their relationship but after his death i have come to find out that the reports are purposefully misleading and reading Zoe Quinns original statement is a walk in the park conpared to how it is exagerated in the press, an abusive relationship with agressive kinks that were apparently, fucking consensual.

You should see te wikipedia page about Zoe Quin,they describe her as some sort of feminist hero under attack of sexists and misognists and not a single bad word about this manipulative piece of shit that was out for revenge.

Looks like she has been proven to have lied about some aspects of her story and it further looks like this was manslaughter of a sort. It's unfuriating. I have no doubt now that she harrased herself to fame with the GG thing and the games media are in a complete curcle jerk. I can't take anyone who is 'friends' with this chick or has worked with her seriously, I just unsubbed from Danny O'dywer as the first that came to mind in my feed and there is gonna be a lot more, fuck these people and fuck their careers.


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For those who said the suicide doesn't look good on his part it's been revealed that he had a history of self harm and mental health issues, the suicide has caused people to look into the claims themselves one article from a day ago has highlighted some inconsistencies linked below. She may have overstepped her boundaries tbh as what ever went down these discrepancies cast significant doubt on her story.