As a Gaming C.E.O, what would be the decisions you'd make that would infuriate gamers?

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Instead of releasing New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on the Switch in January, I'd have done something I thought made a lot of sense business-wise.

Intead of calling it New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and launching it in January. I'd have launched it November of last year globally, and I would have renamed it New Super Mario Bros. 3.

Surely that would enfuriate a lot of gamers, but it would have been a successful move IMO.

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I would just do what EA does if infuriating gamers was my goal...

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Change every single turn based RPG from the company to Action based gameplay. Its 2019 people, time to grow up.

Turn every game into pay to win. People cheat like crazy on multiplayer games anyways might as well milk the non cheaters.

Advertise a game with lots of adult content that can only be reached after 20 hours of gameplay--that must be enabled by a day one patch... followed by a day two patch that censors all of the content.

The backlash was just too much for "The game THEY didn't want you to play."

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d21lewis said:
Every game has an expiration date. After a certain time, you'll have to buy it again.

Oof, now that's truly the dystopian future we can expect from western publishers xD

But plz guys, don't give them more ideas than they already need !!

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I'd take the lootboxes out of the games, and put the games inside the lootboxes.

€9.99 per lootbox, with 1/10 chance that you get the game.

Make our games only available through a monthly streaming subscription.

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Stadia exclusivity.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I would buy platinum and make their games exclusive to the Epic Store, and for the cherry on top i would make them develop visual novels only.