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curl-6 said:
HylianSwordsman said:

You mean to tell me an itch on my leg could turn out to be cancer? Okay, that's terrifying. That's going to drive my OCD and illness phobia nuts. I see now why this affected you so much. Something that benign turning into something that potentially terrifying is nightmare fuel. I sympathize with you so much right now, dude.

The itch had nothing to do with the tumor. The calling card was that when pressed on the lump hurt and sent a nerve zap to my foot, indicating that it was a growth pressing on a nerve. 

As someone with OCD I know this kind of talk can be terrifying but please don't freak out every time you get an itch, that bit wasn't a symptom, it was just how I first noticed it, while scratching. It was coincidental.

Well it is a good thing you caught it so early.  The sooner tumor is caught the better just like anything else health wise.  Knew a coworker that found out had brain tumor but didnt know till he started acting all weird and his roommates took him to hospital.  It was so advance that there was basically nothing he could do.  He just said fuck it and quit job.  Few months later he was gone.  He was about 50 or so years old I think.

Hopefully everything works out for you but since you caught so early I don't think you should have too much to worry about.  Still sucks but I'm sure you can pull through. 

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Wish you really the best, and hope it will turn out all good

Hey man, sorry you are going through this! I hope you have a speedy recovery and that the tumor is benign. Keep us informed of how everything goes ❤

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I just want to say that you've been one of my favorite users on the site since I joined in 2013, and it's great that you've stuck around. Wishing you the best!

Has anyone heard an update from him on whether or not he's getting better? :(

Some days I just blow up.

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I wish to God you are getting well soon , i pray and hope for you for the best . Stay strong and be positif. Every human has their own problem , we are all the same.

I'm curious and you don't have to tell me if you'd rather not to but where is that tumor located?

Also personally I never see doctors so they can't give me bad news, but that's just me.

I also have OCD and I loathe going to hospitals and seeing doctors. First they cost way too much money for my taste and second, they always find a way to make you take some kind of painful tests that make me totally uncomfortable. And that's when they don't want to cut you open through some surgical operation. I don't think getting cut open is natural or even something you are supposed to want.

I've never undergone surgery and I'm fine despite a doctor telling me that I must be operated cause of gall stones that hurt me bad a long time ago. When he told me that, I told him, I'm sorry but the person that it going to cut me open isn't born yet. So in short he was like: If you don't get operated you can't eat normally anymore as most foods contain fat that will hurt you really bad and also you could die if a fragment of one of those stones gets into, I don't remember where inside my body...

Well that was some 20 years ago and I'm alive and kicking, eating anything I want and haven't felt any pain again.

I won't say that doctors don't know what they're talking about but I'll say they love to get you spending money in tests and operations that make them cash in a little too easily in my opinion. I believe the human body is more resilient than people give it credit for.


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I never know what to say in situations like this but I'm rooting for you. Keep that positive attitude. It really makes a difference.

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d21lewis said:
I never know what to say in situations like this but I'm rooting for you. Keep that positive attitude. It really makes a difference.

This article actually came out the other day.


Okay, 3 months later, time for an update I suppose.

I had an operation that was supposed to remove the tumor, but it failed, as they found they wouldn't be able to do so without taking out a chunk of an important nerve. As a result, I'm now booked in for a second operation the day after tomorrow, where they'll be doing a nerve graft. Hopefully this one is successful. Still no word yet on if it's benign or not as they'll determine that after they take it out.

My mental health has gone completely to shit, anxiety that it's cancer and will kill me has taken over my life to the point where I feel physically nauseous with fear 24/7. The stress has gotten so bad that I'm getting opportunistic infections just cos my immune system has effectively collapsed. Apparently severe enough stress will do that.

To be frank, every day is a struggle at this point. Still, looking on the bright side, if this next op is a success at least it'll be out in just over 48 hours. And depending on how long it takes to get a result, I might be able to put all this behind me by this time next week, if all goes well.