New Resident Evil Project will be announced at September 9

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The unstoppable monster was an awesome experience. In particular the use of surround sound was superb. I could pin point where he was at all times and plan accordingly.

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Don't know, it sounds like something that is affiliated to a multiplayer game but I'd seriously like a RE3 remake !

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If its a new game in the main line, I hope it follows the RE7 formula and no the survival/action style of previous games.


It might be a new RE Outbreak!! Oh man i'd love it if it were true!!!!!

I just hope it's not in first person.

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It's clearly a co-op spinoff:

I'm getting Left 4 Dead or Dead Island vibes from it. Though it could be 4v1 asymmetric multiplayer. Either way, not my forte. I want a proper 3rd person Res 8 with multiple established main characters, or a Code Veronica remake. 

Looks like a online focused game.

Here are some of the screens from said game (apparently):

Source: https://www.dsogaming.com/screenshot-news/first-low-resolution-screenshots-leaked-for-capcoms-new-resident-evil-game-project-resistance/

I honestly hope that it's a new Outbreak game or REmake of one, because I've been waiting for Capcom to return to those sideline games for well over a decade now.

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Well I like the franchise, so check me in.

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Count me out. As well received as RE 2 Remake was... Capcom just makes odd decisions to me.