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Changed Monday night pick to 49ers.




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As requested, here are Week 11's picks early.

Bears' playoff hopes hang by a thread, but *technically* still alive after Sunday's game. Trub and much of the offense in general just doesn't seem to be enough to get it done, which sucks given our usually elite defense it essentially being wasted and overworked on top of it.

Week 10 was this year's upside down week, so the prediction records of most people will be negative in a 13-game-week.

At least the Packers won their game against a good opponent. In the end the Panthers had made more mistakes, including a strange coaching decision to go for a 2PC when the score was 16-24; the failure of that made the game-tying scenario unnecessarily harder for the Panthers. McCaffrey got stuffed at the goal line on the final play, probably less than an inch away, but no camera angle could provide any sort of clarity.

Aaron Rodgers finished with no TD passes and no picks, but he had a few great throws for big plays. Aaron Jones got to finish most scoring drives, so he had three rushing TDs. The offense is balanced and varied, so the focus has to be on the defense to improve on the final stretch after the bye week. It really has a long way to go because the promising start into the season completely evaporated.

The Packers are 8-2 and have only two home games left to play the rest of the regular season. Three more wins to reach the playoffs are certainly doable with the 49ers, Giants, Redskins, Bears, Lions and Vikings left on the schedule. What's up in the air is if the Vikings can be fended (fent?) off to win the division.

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RolStoppable said:

fended (fent?


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Friendly reminder that Week 11's picks are available early here. Not many people have made picks so just wanted to throw out another notice.

10 weeks are over, so all teams have played at least 9 games. In an attempt to have this thread at least somewhat resemble playoff discussion, I'll do a rundown of each division and make a prediction who will get into the playoffs. Important note: I couldn't be bothered to look up remaining schedules, so the fortunes of some teams might be better or worse than I say.

AFC East

Business as usual: The Patriots (8-1) will win the division. The Bills (6-3) have a good record and one of the easiest schedules this year, but they aren't a good football team. I think they'll manage to mess it up somehow, possibly losing to the hopeless Jets (2-7) and/or Dolphins (2-7) down the stretch.

AFC North

The Ravens (7-2) do not only look like the surefire division winner, they are actually complete enough to challenge everyone in the AFC as their beatdown of the old man showed. However, the bigger surprise in the AFC North have been the Steelers (5-4) who turned their season around after an 0-3 start and Big Ben out for the season. I think they'll snatch a wild card and get into the playoffs. The Browns (3-6) have had another hyped season go down the shutter quickly, the Bengals (0-9) somehow managed to trail the atrocious Jets and Dolphins by 2 wins each already. Absolute basket case.

AFC South

Easily the most interesting division because everything is still possible. Still, I take the Texans as division winners because they have the most quality and are the most consistent team in a close AFC South. The Colts (5-4) have had one close game after another and I think luck won't be often enough on their side. The Titans (5-5) have a dictionary entry under the word 'inconsistent' while the Jaguars (4-5) are going to deal with a QB question because they won't win often enough. Only the Texans will be in the playoffs.

AFC West

The Chiefs (6-4) have dropped a few games this season, but they remain the clear favorite in their division and I am certain that they will prevail. The Raiders (5-4) have quietly turned into a good team this season, so I give them better chances than the Bills and Colts, and ultimately see them in the playoffs. The Chargers (4-6) continue to practice their art of losing in what will be another lost season for Rivers. The Broncos (3-6) are pretty much what they were expected to be: A franchise that has to keep looking for a guy to fill the QB position.

NFC East

The worst division in football. Only the Cowboys and Eagles (5-4) are in contention and the outcome is very hard to predict. The Cowboys look like the better team between the two, but their record is bolstered by more wins against NFC East garbage than the Eagles'. Still, I have the Cowboys as the division winner if for no other reason than hating the Eagles. The Giants (2-8) and Redskins (1-8) make a good case for why relegation should be a thing in American sports.

NFC North

The division with the coolest team, but also three unlikeable ones. Rodgers is more motivated than a year ago, so the Packers (8-2) will take the division. The Vikings (7-3) have enough quality to be a lock for the playoffs as well. The Bears (4-5) and Lions (3-5-1) are on life support in a division where they can't afford it.

NFC South

The Saints (7-2) are one of the best NFC teams (except last Sunday), so they'll easily win their division. The Panthers (5-4) will ultimately fall short because McCaffrey can't do everything everytime and the young QB isn't playing at a level that is sufficient in such a top-heavy NFC playoff race. The Buccaneers (3-6) and Falcons (2-7) can already plan for next season.

NFC West

Interesting how things have changed since last year. The 49ers (8-1) are flying high and battling with the Seahawks (8-2) for the division crown. San Francisco is the more complete team, so they are my pick to take the NFC West, but Seattle won't have to worry about making the playoffs. The Rams (5-4) have regressed a lot and they are playing in the wrong division to get a pass. The Cardinals (3-6-1) have won more games than I anticipated; I suppose their win in Green Bay last year wasn't a fluke!

AFC seeding from highest to lowest: Ravens, Patriots, Chiefs, Texans, Steelers, Raiders.

NFC seeding from highest to lowest: Saints, 49ers, Packers, Cowboys, Seahawks, Vikings.

So there you have it. If you agree, don't hesitate to praise my analysis. If you disagree, don't bother to comment; I'll ignore you.

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Level1Death said:
Changed Monday night pick to 49ers.

I'm pretty sure my prediction on score for New England winner will be correct.

Man Browns are injuring the fuck out of what remains of any active decent Steelers players. I hate how inconsistent the Browns are every week. They played great first half, and are currently laying an egg in the second half. They couldn't score off 2 Rudolph interceptions yet the Steelers are coming back in the 4th. And honestly Steelers offense is playing like pure shit through and through.

Seeing that Steelers player (can't remember his name atm) bleed from the ear made me shudder. I wish I didn't that blood pouring out like that.

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