So what's your beef with Contra Rogue Corps? (If any)

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It looks like a $20 indie game with its ugly graphics/color palette and (what seems like) fairly shallow gameplay. Even though Nobuya Nakazato has a history of making good games, this looks like a scenario where he was tasked to create a game on a limited budget and small time frame.

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Well I didn't even know about the game, so I have no beef

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Chrkeller said:
Just looks awful, IMHO. Lacks character and style. Just seems like a boring iOS random shooter. I don't see this reviewing well nor do I see it worth more than $10.

Same here, though it's present-day Konami, they fuck everything up, so this is hardly surprising. They even somehow managed to fuck up a classic Bomberman game (how the hell does THAT happen?):

They couldn't even get simple remasters of 2 of the greatest survival horror games of all time right (Silent Hill HD Collection), and I'm not even gonna talk about the abomination known as Metal Gear Survive. 

Barkley said:
I don't like twinstick shooters, $40 for this type of game seems a bit high.

I love Smash TV, fuck you. =P

My only beef with it is that it's not a sidescroller.

Some days I just blow up.

My problem with it that isn't Contra. That's some other game with the Contra name slapped on it hoping it will sell because of it.

And what's with the zombies and middle-school level swearing?

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It looks like an old low budget PSN/Xbox Live game... and in my opinion it just looks very ugly

I rather go back to my PS3 and purchase Hard Corps Uprising which i believe was either a spin off of the Contra series or a clone, and it had this nice cel shaded looking graphics (for the time).

It just looks hideous.

I have it pre-ordered actually

I think it looks decent. Nothing amazing, but just some mindless fun.

Haven't really though about that much

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It looks nothing like Contra. Really, how hard is to make a side scroll shooter like Contra 4 on the DS? If they had left some indie studio the license they would have certainly reached better results, indies would kill to get an IP such as Contra to work on...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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