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Sony Worldwide studios growing larger and stronger.
A great move by Sony.
Next up Kojima productions.

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Looking back at my old thread about Sony acquiring new studios and they will go even massive and serious with gaming industries http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=240190&page=1

Also Insomniac already been hinted as a targeted studios and easily guess to becoming Sony next first party studios because how close they are with Sony and how they have a history with Sony back then when it was with PS1.

think-man said:
About time! Doea that mean Sony now owns Sunset Overdrive?

Microsoft gave Insomniac back Sunset Overdrive IP...... which Sony now owns.... so yes.

Get ready for Sunset Overdrive Remastered + Sunset Overdrive 2 for PS5.
Ontop of a new Spiderman 2.... and maybe a Resistance 4 + 1,2,3 remaster.

HUGE aquire.

Xxain said:
This is not even slightly Interesting. Why buy a studio that by choice, would only develop for your consoles anways?

So that its set in stone..... Spiderman 2 stays in their hands.
Also so you can get Sunset overdrive IP on playstation.... watch them remaster the first (probably not a hard port job), and do a sequel.

(microsoft gave sunset overdrive IP back to them, so thats now in sony's hands)

Plus they did resistance games, you might see 1,2,3 and maybe a 4th game.

Can you guys imagine what happends if PS5 gets Sunset Overdrive 2 + Alan Wake 2 (remedy - 2nd party) (rumor).

These are games that xbox fans have been begging for.
Would be a huge slap in the face lol.

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About time, really.Insomniac has been a Sony developers for years by now.

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A bit surprising considering the comfortable relationship they both seemed happy in, but a good fit all the same. Perhaps Sony was motivated by all of Microsoft's recent acquisitions while Insomniac reanalyzed their track record with and without Sony in the past.

celador said:
huge news. shame it wasn't part of a conference, would have been awesome to see the reactions

The timing of this announcement feels like another way to retain mindshare without a conference, kinda like during E3 this year.

That's funny. For some reason I was sure that Insomniac games was Sucker Punch. So when I heard Insomniac was making Spiderman I thought it was a perfect fit because I always thought the infamous games were great.

Turns out I completely mixed up the studios and I didn't really enjoy Spiderman at all. Although my wife has been enjoying it so not a complete waste of money.

Although this is rather big, I’m not surprised.


celador said:
huge news. shame it wasn't part of a conference, would have been awesome to see the reactions

It kind of was. Geoff Keighley caught wind of it and announced it during his Opening Night Live Gamescom conference just an hour or two ago. Not exactly the same tho. 

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