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Xbox One because of it's dire situation in terms of exclusives.
PS3: Just a total mess
N64 for it's alien controller.

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Nintendo: The GameCube. Many of Nintendo's key series went off in very experimental directions, some of which I didn't care for. Super Mario Sunshine in particular remains to this day the only mainline Super Mario game I never cared for. The GC wasn't a bad system, and was still pretty good with some solid titles, but it has always been my least favorite Nintendo console.

Sony: The original PlayStation. Honestly, I only had that system because of Final Fantasy VII. I had no interest in it beyond that. I did play a fair amount of games on it besides FF, but overall it was the poster child for the very painful transition from 2D to 3D. Polygon-based models looked dreadful on the system, even worse than the N64's. The system's controller didn't even have analog sticks originally, and this was almost certainly a major contributing factor why so many games on the system had dreadful controls. A lot of people look back wistfully on the controls of PS1 classics like Resident Evil or Tomb Raider, but I thought they sucked. Too many games were initially designed with D-pad controls in mind, but 3D games took little time at all to show why the D-pad was immediately obsolete for such titles. Camera's were frequently terrible, not just on the PS1 but for many early 3D games in general regardless of the system they were on. Gen 5 was a clunky generation overall, with very few games made where the developer had a clear sense on how to make good use of these new 3D graphics and the gameplay changes they frequently necessitated. Overall, I think Nintendo and Rare by far had the best ideas for successfully transitioning (and Nintendo had the sense to give the N64 controller an analog stick from the get-go), and as a result I felt the N64's library, while not numerically superior to the PS1's, was in terms of quality better. As a result, the PS1 was not a terribly impressive console in and of itself to me, and the PS2 was a step up.

Microsoft: The original Xbox. Honestly, there wasn't much on this system that interested me beyond Halo. If the PS1 was "the system that had Final Fantasy on it," then Xbox was "the system that had Halo on it." The rest of its exclusives weren't anything that could have sold the system to me. It wasn't a bad system, but it simply had no appeal to me beyond Halo. Had MS never bought out Bungie, I would have never bothered with Xbox (and given Halo CE's insane attach rate, a lot of other people likely would have ignored it, too).

OG Xbox

Nintendo: Gamecube. The controller alone secured this one. The dpad made playing most 2d games and 1v1 fighters almost impossible. It also hurt my thumb. The different shaped buttons, the c-stick size, the stupid z-trigger... ...then the games were basically too optimized for my taste. It felt like the technology getting better actually hurt that whole console generation but mainly Nintendo. Most of the games people love for Gamecube like Melee and Double Dash and Sunshine are my most disliked games in their franchises respectively. That console almost ended my time run with home consoles. Thankfully, Wii came along and saved me.

Sony: PS4. The console was still great in my opinion. However, it is their worst home console effort from top to bottom. The launch was more about the potential and the hype than anything since the console did not really offer that killer lineup. This generation as a whole is weird and I still have a hard time wrapping my head around it. However, it is nice to say Sony's worst console (in my opinion) is still a monster console.

Microsoft: XBOX One. The console is useless. I own a very good PC and at no point do I feel justified in getting anything on XBOX One instead of PC (where I think every XBOX One game is). I not only get better graphics and performance, but I get to pick the type of controller I want to use for (almost) all games on PC. Microsoft cut their own head off by not offering a deeper list of exclusive XBOX One titles (not shared with PC). That console is the first console in twenty-two years that I have traded in.

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For moi...

Nintendo: NES

Probably gonna get a lotta flak for this, but despite launching many legendary franchises I find almost all its games unplayable today.

Sony: PS4

Mainstream gaming this gen has taken a direction that I personally find really dull and uninteresting, and PS4 epitomizes this. 

Microsoft: Xbox One 

Same as PS4.

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Nintendo - N64
The games were nothing like the NES and SNES games.  To me Nintendo adopted a "it isn't broke but we're going to fix it anyway" mentality with the N64.  My idea of a good console is a decent mix of new titles and sequels to beloved games.  Everything on the N64 felt new.  It may have been called "Mario" and "Zelda", but it didn't play anything like previous entries.  It broke continuity with previous consoles by having nothing that felt like what came before.

Sony - PS4
PS4 games just feel so "meh".  I still feel a good console has a decent mix of new titles and sequels, but PS4 has the opposite problem to the N64.  Everything I want to play is a sequel and often the sequels are "meh".  I don't even care about Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts anymore (for example).  These games just aren't as good as they used to be.  I tried playing The Last Guardian, but I haven't gone back to it yet.  Even the few games I like: Spider-Man, Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 3, these are sequels to games I like.  That is good, but where are the new experiences?  I haven't found any new experiences I like on the PS4, and a lot of the sequels to games I used to like are "meh".

Microsoft - all/none
Never owned a Microsoft console, so I can't comment.

SEGA: Sega Mega CD/32x ...
Nintendo: N64 The controller
Sony: PS3 All in all a boring Gen

Hunting Season is done...

Nintendo: Nintendo DS. Sony: PSVita. Microsoft: Xbox One.

The first two had poor curation and started the trend of crap games that would end up leading to mobile rising. The last one is not really because its "the worst" but the least good out of all three. It started too slowly, had terrible PR (for one GaaS is still happening and no one minds) and never got around to using the ESRAM to compensate for the slower memory. Otherwise, it's all good.

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    It’s funny to see there’s pretty huge differences between everyone’s preferences, what one person says is a disappointment is another’s favorite.

    To pick one out of these; I’m surprised quite a few are mentioning N64 for a variety of reasons. Personally, it represents the best time I ever had on any console. I know it doesn’t have many games compared to most other main systems, but the ratio of great ones is surely very high; of the 200-250 games on it, I own almost a quarter of those, more than any other system I have (except PC) all bought back then!

    curl-6 said:
    Rafie said:

    It won the gen in terms of sales. I believe the 360 won in terms of popularity.

    How is ending up with the least amount of owners out of the three "winning in terms of popularity"?

    The 360 (at least here in the US) was by far the most popular console last gen. It's not even debatable. I should have just said US, versus making a general statement to mean all. It doesn't matter that it sold the least. It was still close to PS3 as far as sales go. However, more gamers here in the US preferred 360 over the rest. It had better online connection, it also was the preferred console for fighting game tourneys like EVO, CEO, etc. The 360 was also featured in a lot of tv shows and movies. More than the others. That's what I mean by popularity.

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