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JRPGfan said:
Player2 said:

Xbox One: The redundant console.

PS4: Very few games that interest me and aren't available elsewhere.

N64: The bulk of its high quality games belong to genres that don't interest me.


Im not sure how up-to-date that is, or if its got every title listed.... but theres gotta be like 500-800 games there, in some form of exclusivity.
Theres really nothing that intrests you? Plus alot of them, arnt just small indie or shovelware like titles.

If I exclude games available in other systems with more interesting libraries, nothing that justifies the purchase of a 300€ console.

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Xbox One: All the Xboxes are redundant consoles tbh. GoW and Halo are repetitive and boring franchises and I have no love or interest in them whatsoever. Ori is cool tho.
PS Vita: I like PS1-2-3-4 to different degrees, but they all were/are satisfying consoles. So the logic choice here is the portable that sucked ass the most and had very few games and no support.
GameCube: "The bulk of its high quality games belong to genres that don't interest me." Someone said this about the N64, I feel its the realest thing to say about the GC. Plus that "bulk" were very few games tbh. RE4 was the only real stand out and it released later that same year for ps2. 

Nintendo 64: I just don't like this thing. Aside from a few games, the vast majority of the library is just not that good and the controller...no thanks. The sound quality and samples just weren't that good on most software titles. I enjoyed more Wii U games than I did the 64.

Xbox One: There's rarely a reason to own one and be proud to own one. It's a good BluRay player but again the software library comes back to bite it.

PlayStation 3: Absurd launch price and that's about it. Sony consoles rarely have much to complain about because they don't try to break the mold, just improve on what was done before. Hard to complain about that. And they always seem to have robust software libraries.

Nintendo: N64 - Seriosly dislike this genration across the board. Controller sucked, games sucked.
Microsoft: Xbox - The Duke..
Sony: PS3 - worst Sony controller for sure, but cant put my finger on it.. just not feeling it.

Sony: PS3 because they just seemed so arrogant.

Nintendo: N64 because it had terrible support and was always missing content with multiplatform games.

Xbox: Original Xbox because I never owned one. Too damn big and ugly.

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Wii - On top of disliking motion controls, due to the positioning of my TV the sensor bar wouldn't give me much space to work with anyway. Didn't like the controller either. Few buttons, etc.

Playstation 3 - Expensive at launch. George Foreman grill design. Had the fewest games I liked among all the PS consoles.

Xbox One - Not a fan of the DRM angle they tried to push at the start. Often didn't reach industry standard resolutions due to cut back on hardware in favor of Kinect, which also made the console more expensive while it was a forced bundle.

Nintendo: Wii u because duh

Xbox: 360 because it always just felt like a PS3 with less exclusives to me. Like the Xb1 has stuff like Ori, battletoads, cuphead, killer instinct ect then the of Xbox has Morrowind, Kotor, crimson skies, ninja gaiden but what does the 360 have that makes it better or different from the PS3.

Sony: PS4, I simply don't care about 1st party Sony games anymore. The ps1-3 and handhelds felt so diverse. I miss stuff like rogue Galaxy, jak, socom, resistance, twisted metal, ape escape. Seems like all sony makes these days is cinematic stuff 

Nintendo: I would have to go with the N64. While there are some gems like Mario 64, Waverace 64, Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, OoT, etc..I was never a fan of the polygon type of graphics. Also I wasn't a fan of the controller, although the Rumble Pack was awesome.

Sony: Definitely PS1. There were tons of games. Massive amount of games. Some of them heralded as the best games ever. However, I felt myself playing Nintendo 64 more because of the load times. Really that's about it. That's just more of a personal gripe than a worldwide gripe. I still played my PS1 extensivesly. I just hated waiting. I was an impatient teen. Lucky the Vita doesn't count in this. Otherwise I would name it as well.

Xbox One: I've been terribly disappointed with the lack of exclusive software. Everything else was fine. I don't give a damn about sales or anything like that. I was hoping we would get the same type of commitment to games like we did Xbox and Xbox 360. There's no point in listing gripes that they (Xbox) have ratified or completely did away with.

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Nintendo: Wii

Just a list, but I'm not really wanting to get into why I disliked those 3. Just thought I'd list them.


Nintendo: Wii was the worst console for me i never liked the games (without Wii Sports) if i were not drunk before a party.....

Sony: PS4, Lack of interesting games that i can not play in better quality on my XOneX or Pc. Im not really into story driven action-rpgs / rpgs and that´s what their exclusives are about, for me. The only interesting ps4 exclusive for me were Killzone (but its dead) and Gran turismo but it cant compete with Forza Motorsport or Horizon since a decade.

Microsoft: X360, Rod had it 2 times after that i switched to the pc for 3-4 years and had a ps3 to play some Cod with friends online