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About to watch the video but I don't think I have anything to prove anymore. I play what I like when I can on whatever hardware I can. I even used to play my daughter's V-Tech V Smile console! I don't judge, though. My wife plays Candy Crush like a pro and I wouldn't tell her she's not a real gamer.

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I'm a true gamer and not really worried about what you consider one.

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Watched the video. I guess I qualify as "True to the game!"

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Heh, I am what the video defines as a "true gamer", although I prefer the term "old school gamer".  When I was younger I cared about graphics a lot more and I still really loved gaming.  At a certain point you game long enough though and realize that gameplay is a lot more important and graphics just don't "wow" as much as they used to.

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So most casual mobile gamers are true gamers because they don't care about graphics, framesper second and AAA games.

Conina said:

So most casual mobile gamers are true gamers because they don't care about graphics, framesper second and AAA games.

Casuals have always been the true gamers because they just love to play their game.  They do not get caught up in platform wars, graphics, gameplay, physics, animation you name it.  if its fun for them, they care less for all the other trappings.

I on the other hand cannot be measured by someone else definition of a true gamer.  I love graphics, physics, animation 60FPS 4k and all those trappings.  I want it all in my games including gameplay that interest me.  I will also play a game on any system I have as long as i believe its the best version.

At the end of the day, I can be as casual as I want to, hardcore, old school millennial you name it.  It varies from minute to minute, hour or days or weeks depending on my mood.  I play games that interest me and that's pretty much where it begins and ends. 

I only buy Nintendo consoles, so no.

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As opposed to a false gamer that pretends to game and doesn't? I ponder where they are sometimes.

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I care about FPS, I don't care too much about graphics. For me it's all about the gameplay. And that is very much affected by FPS. The difference between 30 fps and 60 fps is friggin' huge. Games don't just look better with more fps, they also feel better. How a game looks doesn't affect gameplay at all. Final Fantasy 7 is still Final Fantasy 7, no matter if you play it on an old PS1 or on the PS4 with HD grfxx or something.

If I'm not a "true gamer" because of that attitude, then so be it. I still won't touch a game with less than 60 fps unless there's really no other option available.

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