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I guess 7 hours is fine. Less than an hour is not ;)

The lives of others (das leben der anderen). 9/10 Rightfull winner of the Oscar for foreign movies. But it's a slow movie, so you have to choose the right moment to watch it. 

Her 9/10 Beautifull :)

L.A. Confidential

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The lives of others: 9/10. Kept me glued to the screen, great movie, great acting, great idea to highlight a different aspect of the cold war.
Her: 8.5/10. Original take on emerging AI, benevolent for a change. Also great view on the future in regards to his job and futuristic video games.
Big trouble in little China 8/10. Great action movie, over the top silly with a lot of fun scenes thanks to Kurt Russel.

I have not seen LA Confidential lol.

Someone else rate it!

9/10 for LA Confidential

There's a reason it put some of those actors on the map. Great performances, writing, and directing all-around. There were a few minor things I recall bugging me at the time, but it's still one of the best modern noir films.

Next up: Alejandro González Iñárritu's The Revenant.

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8/10...A movie I only want to watch once because it was so painful to experience. Brilliant performance by DiCaprio, but sometimes the metaphors in the film are a bit heavy handed (looking at you horse rebirth scene).

Wolf of Wall Street

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Do you mean "Wolf of Wall Street" with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Not his best work, but still a very solid performance and a solid film overall.

Tombstone (1993)

Pancho A. Ovies

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8/10 i think its a 9 actually but it was so long ago since i've last seen it lol

True Grit (2010) lets continue with western :D

Tsubasa Ozora

Keiner kann ihn bremsen, keiner macht ihm was vor. Immer der richtige Schuss, immer zur richtigen Zeit. Superfussball, Fairer Fussball. Er ist unser Torschützenkönig und Held.

9/10 Hailee Steinfeld deserved an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, not Supporting Actress. She was the movie. Of course Jeff Bridges was excellent as well.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

9/10 Very unique, great idea. Emotionally powerful and insightful. Really well directed and acted.

The Silence of the Lambs

9/10. Fantastic acting and a compelling story.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

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10/10 Gene Wilder was a comedic genius. His portrayal of Willy Wonka has created the meme to end all memes. He managed to be the most lovable, charming philanthopist, and at the same time the villain that you love to root for. The set design in the movie was delicious and the children they casted owned those roles. This will be a movie we all watch for decades to come. And if you haven't seen it, just go watch it now, please. And do yourself a favor, absolutely skip the Burton/Depp abomination.