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I wanna see Splatoon 1 on X1/PS4 and especially PC.

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S.T.A.G.E. said:
Ganoncrotch said:

Also consider how Nintendo and MS seem to have a fairly friendly relationship now with things like Cuphead, Senua's Sacrifice, Minecraft and New Super Luckys Tales all coming to the Switch and all doing rather well on the platform from what I've seen as well, the ports of the first 3 listed there are amazing on the Nintendo handheld as well as I've given all of them between 20 - 100 hours!

Keep in mind as well when it comes to things like Halo 1-2 especially, those games have been ported from OG Xbox, to the 360 remaster of 1, the PC releases of both titles originally and now in the last few years they've been ported to the MCC on the X1 and next year we'll see them come to the PC via Steam yet again, so it's not like MS doesn't have a lot of experience in porting them from hardware to hardware over the years.

senuas sacrifice was meant to go to switch regardless of Microsoft, but I get your point.

Yeah I know there was talk of the port before stuff happened with the studio but still in the last few years we've seen times when a bag of money was waved at a studio and then a game which was due to come out on say... Steam didn't end up coming there to much fan cheering and..... pitchforking!

I've supported all the MS related titles which have popped up on the Switch though, just because I always vote with my wallet when I want to vote "more of that please" some of Microsofts IP's are amazing and I feel would do great on the Switch, there was also a rumour of Forza coming to the platform based on some code which was dug up months ago, but nothing has come of it yet anyways.


Still the Switch has been doing so good that there's a really nice flow of games to it now and I think that no one is staved of something to play these days thanks to the initial great success stories that studios have struck on the Switch so hopefully the games now lead to a continued stream of Switch hardware sales which in turn leads to more customers for those games and more games in the future, it's a win / win / win scenario for Nintendo / 3rd parties / Switch gamers.

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S.T.A.G.E. said:

I already know what youre saying, but whats going on is beyond your first and second point.  I see its you who doesn't get my point. Not only is Nintendo profting somewhat off of having third party xbox games on their hardware, but they also get the competitions games. Xbox merely gets the sales of the copies and Xbox Live accounts (that which is the primary core of what Xbox is now). Its all about the services. All they  need after that is to get gamepass onto the Switch. Xbox gets nothing in the way of games from Nintendo, which from a gamer perspective is a lesser deal (not business). We can only speak for ourselves.

What Xbox is doing futureproofing themselves as a soft third party because consoles are no longer a primary option for them. The money they make from everything elses funds other ventures. LOL Its not hard to understand? Consoles are now pretty much for the fans who want them. Xbox fans are no longer the focus as it pertains to the Xbox. Everyone can be an xbox fan now. lol Windows ten is no threat to Steam and windows ten gaming is where Microsoft lays their claim towards the PC market. Even Phil Spencer knows that venture has a long way to go in itself and it isnt changing PC gamers minds anytime soon. So what are they doing? Porting to Steam.

As for the PC argument, Microsoft is spreading Xbox Live accounts on their competiton's hardware. Again, this plan should not even be that hard to understand. Xbox might be having another gen, but where their games land is up to the consumer from now on.

You don't believe what you are actually are saying do you? You actually think Nintendo will make more money off Xbox games sold on the Switch than actually Xbox who own the IPs if they sell on a Nintendo platform? Did I actually read that correctly? Xbox will be making a lot of money off Switch owners just like PS4 owners buying into Minecraft and future Xbox own titles like Bleeding Edge, Psychonauts 2 and The Outer Worlds just to name a few. MS will make more money selling there games on the Switch than selling the hardware for it. Same goes for PlayStation except PS doesn't want to go that route yet (aside from PSNow which is growing fast)

Quote "Lol Windows Ten is no threat to Steam" Huh? Read the graph below.. Windows Ten thrives off Steams success, its why MS have been supporting Steam lately and not directly competing with them anymore. Steam sells Windows and that makes MS money and puts those customers under the MS eco-system.


You want to know what happens when two companies work together in a friendly manner like MS and Nintendo have been doing lately, it breeds good relationships. That means features like Cross-Play etc. Maybe one day will see more characters and game cross overs in the near future between Nintendo and Xbox. Your hindsight is very short term focus here. 

Where me and you are very different here is that I am all full friendly competition. I much rather see my favourite brands work together making gaming a better place for everyone unlike the opposite. I am also a huge Nintendo fan so these moves only benefit me and make gaming a much better place.

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All Nintendo needs is Master Chief and it will have the complete set of mascots.  Already on Switch I can play Mario, Sonic, and Crash Bandicoot.  I can even play Spider-Man (Sony's current mascot) in the latest Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 game.  Now all Nintendo needs is Master Chief.  Then it will have a mascot BINGO.

KLAMarine said:
I wanna see Splatoon 1 on X1/PS4 and especially PC.

I was gonna say, while we're at it, I'd love to see BotW on PC, as well as Splatoon 1-2 as well.


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I think it's too soon for Halo to make the leap onto a competitor's console. Halo was the killer app for Xbox and Xbox 360. Master Chief was undeniably the Xbox mascot. Maybe during the Scarlett's life, Halo can become a console multiplat.

I'd much rather have Rare Replay, specifically Banjo-Kazooie. I've never played that series, and don't want to play them on the N64 due to the frame rate issues, price, among other things.

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I don't see it every happening, but it would be awesome. Really all I want is Halo 1. I could live without the others.

A few months ago I would have said this was unthinkable and/or imposisble, and in the case of Halo really it still is but...

Minecraft is a perfect example of a Microsoft owned IP that is multi-plat. And it makes sense given how it would have hindered the game to be exclusive to Microsoft p,atforms. The upcoming Psyconauts 2 is another one, Microsoft published by a first party developer but going multiplat. The Outer Worlds is a slightly different scenario but the devoper is still a Microsoft first party studio and they didn't appear to try to make it an Xbox exclusive.

Banjo is coming to Smash, which I find interesting. I do wonder if Banjo HD will make an appearance as well.

In a few years you will be able to play Microsoft games on pretty much everything with xcloud. May not happen on the switch, but I bet switch 2 or whatever comes next will be playing Microsoft games. That will probably be your only realistic chance of playing halo on another system...