MS Q4 report: Xbox hardware down 48% YOY

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eva01beserk said:
Well both times Nintendo did so, they offered something the competition did not. Motion control with the switch and hybrid switch. Not to mention the huge nintendo library.

Scarlet on the other hand sounds like a carbon copy of the ps5 but without the ps library. If both ps5 and scarlet end up to similar again like ps4 and x1, then people will default to PlayStation cuz they have a prooven track record and MS is known for abandoning consoles mid gen.

MS still has the opportunity to learn from their mistakes with the Xbone and produce a more appealing product next gen. They may not necessarily outsell PS5 but they can still be a lot more successful than this gen simply by not making the same catastrophic missteps like launching underpowered and overpriced, the atrocious PR, etc.

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That's possible. But thouse blunders you mentioned can only get hold you back so much. Had MS offered anything on top of thouse awful policies, like maybe actual high quality games aside of the MS trio. Their situation would be a lot different. Cuz they did change back a lot but all they did was get the hardware close to what Sony already offered while Sony in the meantime released big game after big game.

I admit that them acquiring all these studios can only be good. More games even crappy ones are still a plus. But crappy games available everywhere are not reasons to be part of an ecosystem that Xbox is shifting into.

Its all wait and see. But it seems with gamepass they are focusing on quantity and not quality and not even exclusive quantity. I dont think they will improve anything that way.

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