What new inputs could the DualShock 5 add?

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Same design
Make the damn analog stick durable
Haptic Feedback
better battery life, instead of adding weight with a bigger battery, trade in for fast charging
Paddles levers on the back

Most importantly ability to assign controller with a player profile, so that if you connect a particular controller it will log into that particular account.. while at it, add a finger print scanner

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Landale_Star said:
Jaicee said:

Hey people, I like the DualShock's control sticks located where they are! They're aligned. I like aligned. Aligned is magical.

Yeah, I have no problem with the layout of most controllers. When I see people saying the left stick needs to be in the upper left I don't get why. Why doesn't the right stick need to be upper right too? I can understand that on older PS consoles it was possible to touch thumbs if you rotated both sticks towards each other so that could be a small issue, but that's a spacing problem that DS4 fixed and not an inherent problem with left stick placement. Wii U, Xbox and PlayStation all have a different arrangement of the sticks but my thumbs can handle them with ease. I guess I have super thumbs.

The joycons do give me a bit of trouble, I find them slightly small and a bit easy to press the shoulder buttons unintentionally but still with a bit of use I can adjust in most games.

Exactly. I've been gaming since the '80s and the PlayStation Dual Analog Controller, released in 1997, was the first controller I used that had two control sticks. It wasn't until the GameCube came out more than four years later that I first used a controller with the sticks located at different heights, and frankly I spent a lot less time playing GameCube and original Xbox than I did the PlayStation 2. In point of fact, I'd say that I've logged more time with the PlayStation systems than any others overall. Between all these things, the simple fact is that I'm personally a bit more used to both control sticks being aligned on the bottom of a controller than anywhere else. The bottom-left of a controller is actually the first place where my left thumb naturally gravitates to. Still, like you say, it just doesn't really make an appreciable difference to me in any event. I can adjust to different locations very easily. I mean I've played a ton of games that use a keyboard for shit sakes! 

Also, the Xbox controllers look like they have a hernia.