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What Do You Think to the Nintendo Switch Lite?

Excellent idea, can't wait to buy one 150 12.71%
Good idea, could be better though 346 29.32%
Not sure yet, could go either way 92 7.80%
Not good, probably won't buy 124 10.51%
Awful idea, zero interest 360 30.51%
Other 108 9.15%

*What do you think OF the Nintendo Switch Lite?

Eh...not for me. Happy for people with kids in the house and handheld gamers. My Switch is docked 85-90% of the time and I like it that way.

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I think Lite is a good idea. Don't have a Switch jet, gonna buy this one since I would use it as portable only anyway.

Could be better, longer battery life and keeping AV output, but overall it's a good idea. Anyhow I won't buy one, my mobile and portable gaming needs are already filled by mainly two Android games, War Robots and NFS:NL, plus another Android game I play more casually, Tank Stars. I could possibly resume playing Real Racing 3 too, if I'll be finally able to recover my multiplayer progress their servers lost when I had to reinstall it from scratch, despite having saved to the cloud, logged in with my Google account, before deleting everything, strangely they seem to have saved only my single player progress. I also stopped playing Goddess: Primal Chaos I started playing not on tablet, but on a PC Android environment, BlueStacks, the game, despite allowing to play logged on one's Google account, has saves tied to servers, I don't remember which one I saved to and BlueStacks suddenly forgot it too, probably after a program update, and I don't like the game enough to bother.

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d21lewis said:
My favorite mode, after a year of never even trying it, has become Table Top mode with a joycon in each hand. That alone makes the Lite a no go for me.

I think the lack of table top is especially odd, since for some games you need the joy-con. If it has table top mode I can see that work, but without it I can only imagine that its akward to use. 

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It guarantees Switch's 100 million sales.

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Far too expensive for what it is considering how much less you're getting. You can find deals on a switch for £100 more where you get a game or two games, making the lite seriously overpriced.

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Oneeee-Chan!!! said:
It guarantees Switch's 100 million sales.

120 million. 

MasonADC said:
DélioPT said:

Just because sales aren't double in number doesn't mean people aren't wanting to buy it at regular price. 
Those segments are consumed over time.

PS4 was bound to get to a lower price point. It did come out in 2013. But even at 400 or 349 it sold very, very well.
Of course that the Slim model is selling better than the PRO. The PRO has no real value besides visual diferences. And even then, you have to have a 4K TV.

The question is if Nintendo is selling the Lite console to the same people who would buy it a bigger price anyway. I, personally, believe so, as the demand for the original and it's appeal is still there.
To me it feels like leaving money on the table.

Yes, they do lose money from the software, but not by much.
And for people with low income, that's probably more appealing to the eye - as in, more value at once.

I've seen Lite versions of smarthphones, compared to the premium versions, cost way way less.

The BC micro was a later ireration.
The DSi had indeed a worse battery life, but the lost of BC on that device and the others you mentioned was not relevant.

Losing a selling point like the 3D screen was for 3DS or inability to fully "switch" between game modes, is relevant. Specially on Switch's case, where it stops being everything to just a handheld - or if had become a home console only, my reaction would have been the same.

So, my point still stands: this transition, of this magnitude, is, to me, a bad move.
If they wanted to do it later in the lifecycle, so be it. But now, where "Switch" is still being sold as a whole?
Also, the other flaws in newer models, that you mentioned, never were recipe for confusion nor did they take away from the main experience, ddi they? In this case, that's what's happening.

I never said that going after price concious people was a bad move. I just think there's a right time for that. And that time, for Switch, isn't now.
The way i see it, Nintendo will be selling a cheaper console to people who would buy it for full price.

You lower the price for late adopters, not now. And you also add system sellers to the mix at lower price points, too.
But that's just me.

That's not what i'm trying to say, at all.

Yeah, in Japan, it makes more sense for a handheld only device at 200$.
But why is Switch still behind 3DS? Is it just a temporary thing or not, like 3DS was once ahead of DS? Is it because of the lack of proper support instead of ports and more ports and remasters?

When you go after price conscious people so soon, you are leaving money on the table. Because a chunk of that market who would buy it at a higher price, will now buy it at a lower price.
Second, this isn't just a cheaper version with smaller alterations. This is a console called Switch Lite that can no longer switch. And that's big! It's big because the messaging won't be clear (no two type of commercials, for exemple) and it's big because people were sold on the ability to switch (hence the name) and that won't happen anymore.
Question is: will people care or not for the change? Given the appeal and all the propaganda, i think it's safe to assume they will care.

For one, the Switch has much better support than the 3ds has had at the same time. You can just look at the software sales to show that. The Switch is behind the 3ds due to price, not because of "lack of proper support" and "ports and remasters". 

You are assuming that the Switch Lite will be a confusing product. I don't think it will. All it takes is one good commerical and people will know the difference. Why does it matter that the lite can't switch? That's not the job. This product isn't made for the people who want a hybrid, this product is made for people who want a pure hybrid. There is still a handheld market left. So no, it is not a big deal. 

Much better support in regards to 1st party? Yes. Not in regards to 3rd party support.

It's not the Switch Lite that is confusing, per se. It's the communication of the device.
Wii U wasn't that hard to grasp and despite the attempts, outside of the usual gamers, people did not understand it.

Also, it's a question of feeding your market, for more than 2 years, with how valuable Switch is because it can do everything, and suddently, you give them a product that gives them only one option.

It will be really hard for the non gamer to clearly see the difference between one type of Switch and the other. Specially when all commercials will showcase the handheld mode.

Old revisions never lost anything meaningful, this one does.

Fei-Hung said:
Far too expensive for what it is considering how much less you're getting. You can find deals on a switch for £100 more where you get a game or two games, making the lite seriously overpriced.

The Switch Lite is only $50 more expensive than a New 2DS XL which is technically two generations behind (f.e. display resolution 1280x720 instead of 400x240).

It already has a game library twice as big as the 3DS (~2400 vs. ~1200 games) and many more games to come.

It already has a lot more quality titles than the 3DS (~100 3DS games and ~200 Switch games with 80+ MetaScore).