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What Do You Think to the Nintendo Switch Lite?

Excellent idea, can't wait to buy one 150 12.71%
Good idea, could be better though 346 29.32%
Not sure yet, could go either way 92 7.80%
Not good, probably won't buy 124 10.51%
Awful idea, zero interest 360 30.51%
Other 108 9.15%

Its basically a worse PSP with much better games support.

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HollyGamer said:
It's something that will happen soon or later, so it's a decent idea. But i like this version better than original Switch, even it kill the "switch to home console " functionality " this version is the perfect handheld. I just wishes they have better batteries up to 5 hours instead 3 hours and let the rumble and motion tracking stay there. But ALAS

It won't necessarily only be 3 hours. At least it's a little bit better battery life. Here's an article saying that BotW will last 3 hours on Switch and 4 hours on Lite: https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/07/10/nintendo-switch-lite-longer-battery-life-switch/

I think it's a good idea if there are a lot of people that just want to use it handheld, and I know there are, as multiple surveys have shown that the original Switch had about as many exclusively home console users as exclusively handheld users, with most using both form factors. Japan especially will probably love this version. That said it's not really for me. I'm thinking about maybe getting one for my girlfriend, though, as she can certainly play on my Switch but might appreciate having one of her own. If you want to have multiple Switches in a single household, this is a decent way to finance that, as you can have a "family" Switch of the flagship version, and multiple "kid" Switches of the Lite version for each kid. Hopefully they interconnect really well. I haven't ever actually tried to connect my Switch with another one, but you can use multiple Switches for local multiplayer so the Lite might be useful for that sort of play. The flagship Switch will be the one broken out at parties, while the Lite will be the one that's easy to carry around with you when you know it'll just be you or someone else with a Switch that you want to connect with for a quick multiplayer match.

Awful and no interest.

I said this on the VGC news article and everyone hated me for it.

Better battery, smaller, cheaper... very nice.
They changed it too much tho, and by that I mean not using joycons anymore.
It's not like it is a great controller or pair... but games have been built around how it works.
I for the one got a New 2DS, as 3D was a gimmick and not one I personally like.
But joycons affect actual gameplay, how to play and perform game actions... and that's a meaningful loss.
I think I'm still leaning more towards the Lite than the Switch, but as I'm sure the grey market Lite (the only option other than importing myself and pay double the price) will take some good time to get priced decently here as it is to you guys, I'll have some time to think about it.
I have to say the colors are quite washed out in those Lite options... the original Neon puts all of them to shame as far as looking good goes.

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double post.

I think it's a good idea, but I wish it can be docked.

omarct said:
Its basically a worse PSP with much better games support.

In what way? 

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Great for the handheld crowd and kids (and by kids, I mean their parents who want to get their kids the Switch but either can’t or won’t fork over $300 for it). It’s not for me. I’ll just stick with my OG Switch.

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Reception online seems to be very mixed, but that's probably what Nintendo wants.