What Do You Think to the Nintendo Switch Lite?

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What Do You Think to the Nintendo Switch Lite?

Excellent idea, can't wait to buy one 150 12.71%
Good idea, could be better though 346 29.32%
Not sure yet, could go either way 92 7.80%
Not good, probably won't buy 124 10.51%
Awful idea, zero interest 360 30.51%
Other 108 9.15%

Dont like the idea, not interested, wont buy. Portability is the last thing I care about any console. I never even take my 3ds out ot the room. So no, not for me at least. Regular Switch ftw.

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It's a great idea but not for me. I already own a Switch and it suits me perfectly but for someone more into handhelds it's fucking awesome.

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I'd say, "Good Idea, could be better". They could have got even better battery life than they did by shrinking the DIE even more, which would have been ideal since it's a handheld. I also think they should have left the HD rumble motors in, even if they had to charge $225 instead of $200 to do it. 

I'm still buying one though. 

Barkley said:
Excellent idea, not going to buy one.

I saw it coming.... what I didn't see coming though was the nerfing. At the very least they could have just let you connect a cable to it and that cable to your TV.

I personally expected them to keep the NS general FF but just take ou the dock and replace that with a cable. That way its feature identical with the original NS as opposed to what they have done here. Strange choice.

Right now,its a switch that doesn't switch.

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If this had been released at the same time as the actual switch I would’ve bought one over the switch at launch without question, but not sure I’ll bother for now. Vastly improved battery life might’ve sold me on it. I mainly play my switch in handheld mode and I don’t like the ‘wonky’ feel of the joy-cons when attached so a single solid device without removable bits is a plus as well. And I like the d-pad...yet I do like the option of playing on my tv with the pro controller as well. Some games are more suited to a big screen imo. I’m not holding out for the supposed pro model or anything but I would like to see a new switch with a few enhancements like slightly larger screen and aforementioned battery life improved more than an hour or so...so I’ll most likely pass for now but if I hadn’t bought a switch already I’d snap one up. I can definately see the appeal and think it’ll be a huge success.

No interest from me, but i'm sure that there are people that'll buy it. I mostly play mine hooked up to my tv, with a Pro controller.

Love the look of it and excellent idea for those that enjoy the handheld gaming life.

I will never buy one to replace my original Switch, but I can see myself buying one as a secondary Switch just for fun.

I'm actually surprised that Nintendo didn't instead make a home console version like the Vita TV. But maybe they will after this. I'm certain there wont be a Switch Pro.

I don't think it's such a bad idea, though it does negate the whole idea of the "Switch". As a current Switch owner, there is no reason for me to buy one. It is just the same thing, but less functional.

I think it's a great idea. The only thing to really improve is give it a longer battery life.

Not sure if/when I will buy one. My daughter and I both play our Switch, mostly docked. If she really wants her own handheld, then I will likely get her one in the future.