Switch Lite is a side product, when will Switch Pro arrive?

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If Nintendo makes a "pro" version, then certainly not before 2021.

The main problem however is to make it work, meaning giving the "pro"console enough power to visually make a difference to the base model without draining the batteries too fast. To pull that off, the Switch pro would need something quite a bit more powerful than an Tegra X2, but something like Xavier on the other hand is consuming way too much to be viable.

A Switch Pro would need to double the GPU processing power and increase the CPU processing power by quite a bit, too, to make a visible visual improvement in most games. While that's possible to achieve right now (Snapdragon 855 could theoretically, though not sure if it can sustain that power, leaving just the 8cx as a chip to pull it off, but that one already comes damn close to laptop consumption rates - too much for a handheld), it's still cutting edge technology and thus way too pricey for a console. I mean, either of the two chips alone probably sells for about the price of a Switch.

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I don't think there will be a switch pro, there will be a Switch TV though. A $129 box with a controller in a year or 2.

Shiken said:
gergroy said:

Basically it would allow them to reduce the price of the unit, much like the portable only unit.  Also, you can’t play Nintendo games on a PS4, that is how it differentiates.  The games.  

At that point though, they may as well just release a new console altogether and make Switch their new handheld device to go alongside it.  A TV only Switch would almost have to be 4K compatible to hold any real relevance without portability, and given the power of the current Switch, you may as well just release a new dedicated console at that point.

Your logic works well on paper, but fails hard in practice in this case.

Absolutely not.  A Switch TV is all about cost efficiency for gamers who have no interest in the portability factor of the Switch. It also opens the doors for having multiple consoles per household or for different locations, because although the switch is hybrid it can still only be taken by one person and family's still exist.

I have a family Switch but have moved out from home and I dont want to take it from my brothers. I never play in portable mode so Switch Lite has no use to me and I'm hesitant to put $299 on my own Switch right now. If there was a $129  dedicated TV box I would buy it in a second. Not everything is about power or competing with other consoles.

I think any power upgrade the Switch TV has be related to its form factor allowing higher clocks. It'll just be a more stable Switch like Xbox One S nd not a mid gen upgrade.

I do like a SwitchTV idea which people are saying. Its advantage over Xbox and PS5 will be the size. They can keep it really small compared to the future consoles and also have it on a lower price. It will also make the original Switch not obsolete as it offers the complete package.

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Switch Lite isn't a side product, probably it's made to cater for gamers that just want a portable and don't want to spend on extra features they won't use. If it will take off, Ninty will be able to stop making 3DS. This will also finally unify completely home and portable SW development on Ninty platforms.

But what actually  happened is a lot simpler:

Teh Almighty Analyst God Pachter (blessed always be His Holy Name) told Ninty to make it and Ninty made it.

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Also a cheap switch TV is perfect for many of the people who are ultimately just looking for a Mario, Zelda & Smash Box.

NightlyPoe said:

What I expect is a new iteration with better battery life, faster load times, a 1080p screen, reduced bezel, more memory, and other quality of life improvements replacing the current version of the Switch, but on which game play remains identical.

It depends what people mean by "Switch Pro". Because I'd count this xD.

If we're just counting the Switch Pro a device that replaces the current Switch with better features then I expect that it could release in 2020. I don't think we're going to get something similair to the ps4 pro.

TheMisterManGuy said:

IMO, next year is when we'll see a Switch Pro arrive, alongside BotW 2. Plus, more Labo Kits

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A Switch TV box-only would makes sense at this point, to complete the Switch products family.
However it needs to have higher performance, just to boost ALL Switch games to 1080p res and constant 60fps.

Switch TV could be bundled with a Pro controller for 199$ or less, and that's it!
It could be a nice addition for Nintendo to have an Home console right on the market along with the release of PS5 and Xbox4.

I wont hold my breath for a Switch Pro, but like many have mentioned I can see a Switch TV like the Vita TV, but please have Netflix by then (or sooner lol)