‘Friends’ to Leave Netflix for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max Streaming Service in 2020

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KLAMarine said:
Guys! Guys! What if, what if... What if we just-now hold on to your hats here-what if we just sub to ONE streaming service at a time when it has something we want to watch and when we're done, we unsub from that service to switch to another that has something we want to watch?

That's exactly what I'm doing.

It's only a slight inconvenience, but saves a lot of money.

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Damn Netflix is losing some big guns. Wonder if they’ll survive? Disney, friends, the office, all leaving.

UltimateGamer1982 said:
Damn Netflix is losing some big guns. Wonder if they’ll survive? Disney, friends, the office, all leaving.

Streaming was supposed to save people from cable, now it's becoming cable. Talk about redundant.

By the way, are Netflix's Marvel shows gonna move to Disney Plus too?

Dulfite said:
It's gonna get to the point where I will o ly up for a months subscription to individual ones when a shows new season comes out that I like. I've got access to Prime and Netflix, but will be doing Disney+ in the near future. I will not do these either new ones and may end up quitting Netflix accept for when stranger things 4 comes out.

Yea, this feels like what I will end up doing.

Subscribe to Disney in January and watch/catch up on everything.

Subscribe to Netflix in February and watch/catch up on everything.

Subscribe to HBO Max in March and watch/catch up on everything.


And that is best case scenerio. Most likely just ignore 90% of streaming services. 

Feels like a get an email from like Netflix for like a free month if I come back every so often, so may also work with others. Just keep using free month to whatever offers you it.

Whatever. These subscriptions services offer such a ridiculous amount of content that there's really no need to be subscribed to more than a couple of them at a time. They are also ad free, so even if for some reason I had to subscribe to 10 at the same time, I'd still see it as a steal compared to cable.

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CaptainExplosion said:
This is getting out of hand. I can't subscribe to all these streaming services, I just got Netflix. -_-

Yeah agreed, it's sort of like Steam with PC gaming, before Steam I would just go and pirate games because that was easier than a unified marketplace, now PC games are locked to different store fronts and exclusive dlc locked to certain time periods so it's back to piracy. I currently have a 4k 4 screens Netflix account but seeing shows starting to peel off like the Disney/Marvel content going to be taken away to form the basis of Disney+, the lack of new "top gear" because Amazon Prime signed up the 3 boys, Star Trek is still on it here in EU but on HBO streaming in the US and probably the same here in Europe soon.... I'm not going to subscribe to 10 different platforms to continue watching those shows... I'm going to be going back to piracy for more and more content until eventually I unsub from Netflix as well.

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2030: Every show has its own streaming service.

Oh noes, I didn't even enjoy it very much in the 90's, has is aged well?

I'll go where star trek goes, the old ones that is, don't care about the latest abomination. My kids use Netflix more than me while I just have the cheap 1 screen SD subscription. Good enough. I guess I should watch Stranger things 2 before it goes somewhere else. The last I watched was Dark season 2, very good.

I do finally have unlimited internet, 150mbps down, costs an arm and a leg. CAD 108 a month, not much left to subscribe to a bunch of different streaming services!

I don't pay for my Netflix and, I watch like one show per month on Netflix and those shows haven't changed hands yet. In any case, I hope this does leads to price stabilization.