‘Friends’ to Leave Netflix for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max Streaming Service in 2020

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Friends is one of my go-to shows to stream on my tablet when I'm bored and can't sleep... what will I do now?! ...move onto my second most streamed show for this situation; How I Met Your Mother, lol.

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Don’t really care about friends leaving... it is that the office is going to leave for the universal streaming service that hurts. I went and bought it on vudu when I read the news... sadly, I think that is what I’m gonna have to do with all the big shows I like. Not going to subscribe to 10 different streaming services... hopefully some will fail or they will all realize that can make more with one big streaming service... but right now... the fracturing is not good for the consumer...

All this fracturing is going to lead to something similar to cable TV in the end, I believe. This isn't (yet) a zero-sum market and they know it, that's why each company wants their share of a growing pie.






In the US only? Meh.

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This is getting out of hand. I can't subscribe to all these streaming services, I just got Netflix. -_-

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2009: "Streaming will save us from cable! Just get Netflix and Hulu and you're all set!"

2019: "Well, that didn't work out..."

The streaming video market is now so fragmented that, depending on what shows and type of content you want to watch, it can now be almost as expensive to stream everything as it is to subscribe to cable (e.g., for anime alone, new series are split between four main platforms: Netflix, Funimation, Prime Video, and HiDive). And there's still stuff that's still a timed exclusive for cable, not available (legally) for streaming for many months after it comes on TV.

Everybody wants a slice of the streaming pie, the consumers get stuck with ever-increasing costs, and the companies wonder why so many people resort to piracy.

Machina said:
Is a 90s show really that big a draw for streaming services? O_o

Oh well, doesn't impact me anyways, I don't watch shows via streaming or TV, but it does sound like it's going the same way as subscription services in gaming, where every publishers wants to have one.

Yep, it's still hugely popular. Netflix paid $80 million to stream it this year.  

Wondering if Stadia will be the catalyst for a similar thing to happen in the gaming industry.

With more and more companies trying to start their own streaming service, we've reached the point where you might as well just stick with cable to save yourself from paying out the ass just to have subscriptions to all of them.

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Guys! Guys! What if, what if... What if we just-now hold on to your hats here-what if we just sub to ONE streaming service at a time when it has something we want to watch and when we're done, we unsub from that service to switch to another that has something we want to watch?