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So on another note, I just had a thought. How many of you, if you bought a Switch Lite, would like to be able to use it as a controller connected to another Switch - say, if you were visiting a friend's house and playing Smash with him, or something?


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Come on, guys. If Nintendo dropped the "3D" in 3DS and it worked, why not the "Switch" in Switch?

Two things:

1) Will the current Joycon design change to have the better d-pad? This is a must imo.

2) My stock right joycon analog stick gave out after hours of MK8 (I accelerate by holding the stick upwards instead of holding the button), now the "right" input on the stick doesn't register. I had to buy another set of Joycons due to this, and they ain't cheap. And I avoid using them so that they last! Control inputs giving out on the Switch Lite is a concern for me.

With that said, I think it looks cool. Can't wait to see the Switch Pro.


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Shame about no docked mode, don't really care about the joy-cons, but at least it's 199$.

The thing i like the most is the price, but i dont like handhelds... wish they did a version thats just the console like what sony did with the PSVITA TV, thanks to that thing i have access to all those sweet exclusives like P4 Golden, Freedom Wars, The older Disgaea enhanced versions etc.

I mainly want a Switch for some very select games (Zeld BoTW 1 and 2, all the Bayo games, Astral Chain and whatever else Platinum releases in it) so it wouldnt be my main console but i sure want it.

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My main concern was how would they market a potential Switch Lite.
From what I have seen so far, it appears appropriate enough to distinguish that the Lite is mainly for children/families going for a cheaper option than that of the OG Switch. I kinda expected the removal of certain features like HD rumble, no Labo, no dock, etc. It would be a challenge in maintaining all those features without the joy cons being central to the Lite.
It appears that they also will add info on certain games like Mario Odyssey that it may be hard to complete with the Switch Lite. For those unaware, Mario Odyssey utilizes motion controls when trying to do unique tricks in throwing Cappy (though it can also be done with the sticks, just a little harder) along with certain puzzles and uses HD rumble to find certain Moons.
So the Lite isn't for everyone and it may not play all of the games on Switch, but it appears to be a great option if you are looking for a cheaper option and are not too bothered with some of the OG Switch features missing.

Barkley said:
potato_hamster said:

A knife is a tool. It's made for cutting things. Anything can become a weapon depending on how it's used. A Motorcycle Helmet that was purpose built to save someone's life can also be used to bludgeon someone to death. In that sense, why does the designed intent matter? That motorcycle helmet was still used as a weapon, even if the creator never intended it to be used that way, or thought of it being used that way while creating it.

So no, I don't necessarily think it's created intent matters that much.

So if the intent behind creation isn't relevant then is something defined by what it is used for?

If yes then the Switch is clearly used both as a handheld and a home console, thus it can be defined as both.

If the answer is no, then I would be very interested to know how you define something if it is not defined by the reason it was created or what it is used for.

On both counts the Switch is both, it was created to be both and it is used as both.

How do you know the Switch was created to be a home console? How do you know they didn't create the Switch as a portable console with detachable controllers that could be used in a table top mode and some engineer didn't pipe in and say "you know, this thing uses USB-C. We should be able to have this output to a television pretty easily. In fact, since it's plugged into a wall while docked, we can overclock this a little bit and output at 1080p" and thus a very cheap dock was created, and packaged with every Switch sold. For all we know that dock and that TV mode is literally an afterthought. And I really don't want to get into a case of "whataboutisms", I'm just pointing out you can't actually know what the Switch was intended to be simply because the final product can be used that way.

There's certainly nothing about the internals of the Switch that indicate its a hybrid console, much less in the design itself. Almost every single design decision favors playing it in portable mode, whether it be a touch screen that can only be used in portable mode, the size of the joy cons being way too small to use comfortably by themselves, the fact that the joy cons that cannot be charged while using the Switch while docked to the tv out of the box, or the fact that my switch has literally warned me of overheating and even shut off after playing BOTW while docked for over 2 hours to name a few. What design decisions favor TV mode? They had to install a slightly bigger fan and add a bigger heat sink that slightly impacted battery life to support a high performance mode to output in 1080p. That's it. It's very very clear the Switch designed to be a portable first and foremost, and if that isn't clear to you look at how little had to be changed in order to make a Switch portable only. Now think about how much would have to be changed in a switch to make it home console only. It's dramatically different.

The Switch is a portable at heart. Always has been. They've included some accessories in the box that made it really easy to hook up to a TV and that was enough for you to call it a hybrid. And that's great for you. I just don't buy it. No one at the time would say the Sega Nomad was a hybrid console, and I don't see any reason to start, but you might need to.

I just realized that Switch Lite will (probably) not have an ethernet port.
I don't want to play Smash online on Wifi. But this means there will inevitably be more wifi opponents online to run into (than there already were).

I wish they'd add a matchmaking filter that lets you not get matched up against wifi opponents.
Well, that's a feature I want for all fighting games actually. Many of them can sort by strength of connection. Would be nice with "connection type" as well.

RolStoppable said:
Hiku said:

When it comes to marketing, do you think it would be more difficult for them to communicate that a dock is sold separately, than that it can't dock at all?
If so, why?

For people who know little/nothing about Switch, they may not expect the docking feature, so it won't matter to them.
Though if they are curious why it's called Switch, I can  see how this can lead to confusion in some cases if they look up info on the wrong Switch.

For people that know how the original Switch works, this can also lead to confusion upon purchase. Unless they read Nintendo's description of how it can no longer dock. In which case they could have read about how docking is sold separately.

I think it would be more difficult with a separate dock, because that's an accessory that many retailers wouldn't stock to begin with due to expected low demand and therefore being a waste of shelf space.

Both scenarios are not ideal and have their own set of pros and cons, but ultimately handheld-only results in fewer question marks and less need for customers to require education of the product.

For potential shelf space issues, they could just put one box up for display purposes, with a note that says you'll have to ask for it at the register. I've seen that a few times. For stocking, I don't know if it would be particularly problematic. But even if people had to order it online from Amazon, I'm sure people would be happy having the option of a dock.

Regarding customer confusion, I'm not sure which scenario would lead to more or less confusion, but if the dock was an optional separate feature, it's not something they'd need to get. So they're either blissfully unaware of its existence, or they find out and decide whether or not they want to get one.

For the ones who were educated by Nintendo before purchase (like us), it's not an issue either way.

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Conina said:
Bandorr said:
"I have a great idea for an item. It switches between being docked and handheld.
Sounds good what will we call it?
How about the switch since it can be one thing then another?

"I have an idea for an item. It will be portable only.
So it can't be docked? Or connected to the TV at all?
Great what do we call it?
Switch lite!"

Definitely feels like Nintendo didn't think this through. The whole console is named on a concept that the "lesser" one can't do.

People need to learn the difference between a brand name and a functional description.

Not all "PlayStations" are stationary (PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita). MicroSoft ain't micro anymore, it is pretty big. Apple has nothing to do with the fruits on a tree.

Game. Set. And Match!!

Really..... there’s people to this day that don’t accept switch as a hybrid? Really? This discussion all over again? Move on, we are half way through 2019. Learn to deal with it.

I believe there was a thread about a whole “nintendo switch family system” somewhere, and I believe the user said a switch lite was coming this year at $199. Spot on!

I believe the announcement could have waited a littler longer, but good news anyways.