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Do you think you're an asshole?

I think I'm an asshole 16 21.92%
I don't think I'm an asshole 42 57.53%
I KNOW I'm an asshole 15 20.55%
Ganoncrotch said:
COKTOE said:

Hey, just for fun, and to test the google algorithm, would you guys type in Denis Leary J, and see if it auto-fills to Denis Leary Joke Thief? Even that fucking song has come under scrutiny fairly recently. 

Here's a real asshole who's actually well respected among his peers.

I certainly can be an asshole. Here's my first ban from 2009. The Golden Age Of Rock!

@Xxain. Done and done you fucking cocksucker.

Won't pigeonhole myself, but the capability is there.

The result you get is likely from your search history if you have been looking up certain things... although you do get it as the second result if you misspell his first name to have 2x N in it, which his name does not.

Still though, every comedian is basically retelling old worn jokes and stories from their past, it's not real shock to me to hear that someone in 2019 is repeating someone that was said by someone before them, the only real accolade that we have over our past is that this generation is likely the first to have seen more naked people than all of our ancestors combined. God Bless the Internet!

The Denis Leary story goes well beyond that. When it's all laid bare, it's pretty gross, particularly what he stole from Bill Hicks. Also noteworthy, Judd Apatow, BrianRedban, and Ralphie May. That's not even all of the mentions. There's always some grace given with a certain amount of crossover and similarity, but Leary quite obviously went beyond blurred lines, and into straight theft. He's a shameless thieving hack.

Chinese food for breakfast


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I was notified that I was called a cocksucker. It was correct. Why? I didnt even participate in this thread.

I don't think so because no one's called me one and other people decide if you are one or not

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also