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Do you think you're an asshole?

I think I'm an asshole 16 21.92%
I don't think I'm an asshole 42 57.53%
I KNOW I'm an asshole 15 20.55%

On some regard pretty much everyone is. You just have to ask the right or wrong person.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

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Overall not much, more online (but I'm almost always a fun loving troll, and very rarely an aggressive or malevolent one), far less in real life.

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Online probably, since I tend to get worked up while playing competitively. IRL not really since I react calmly to about 90% of things. I can be a huge asshole to those already being assholes though.

Online, yeah but I don't care. IRL, sometimes. Depends who you are and what you did. 

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In real life, no. People take my kindness for weakness.

Online, only when it's necessary to drag the faves of the obsessed Gaga haters

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I know I'm not an asshole and anyone who thinks otherwise is just an asshole, which means their opinion is invalid.

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I'm an asshole. I don't think I've ever made a serious thread.

kirby007 said:

I know i am

Why? I dont compromise even if the circlejerk demands something else 

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Jumpin said:

Only three real answers. No one can know for certain they aren't an asshole because it's really the perception of others; and many may not be willing to tell you "You're an asshole." On the flip side, you CAN know for certain you are an asshole; simply knowingly being a jerk, arguing all the time and pissing people off.

An asshole, are you one?

I'm not sure I agree with your logic on there being only three real answers. You can't know you're not an asshole because it's the perception of others? Puh-lease! As if being an asshole is a title that can only be granted by others.

What if some people perceived you as an asshole, while others disagreed. Does that make them assholes?

Can someone exist as both an asshole and a non-asshole simultaneously?

Being an asshole isn't a property of a person, but rather a state of mind. Everyone is capable of honing their inner asshole and using it to project misfortune and negativity onto others.

But to answer your question. I know I am not an asshole.