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Do you think you're an asshole?

I think I'm an asshole 16 21.92%
I don't think I'm an asshole 42 57.53%
I KNOW I'm an asshole 15 20.55%

Online sometimes. In real life almost never.

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I think I might be the opposite?

yes. society did this to me.

I don't think so but maybe others think otherwise.

That can depend on who you ask. I can be very blunt and some people simply cannot handle the truth.
In some cases, I am intentionally a dick. Such as when I am talking to a scammer and so forth.

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Not asshole. But I can be very annoying sometimes.


Since I go out of my way to not hurt anyone in any way, I'd say I'm not.

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    If you ask my ex I'm a grade A prized prick of an asshole. Ask anyone else I'm a nice guy. I'm gonna go with the later.

    I don't think I am, but I can be one sometimes. When I am, I hate myself for being like that.

    I don't like being one because people can one-up me on being asshole. So I settle for being passive, until the perfect time to be an asshole.