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Should it?

Yes, dump Xbone, next gen exclusive 22 34.38%
No, keep it cross gen with Xbone 42 65.63%
Pemalite said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Well you keep rattling on about Ryse and I'm just pointing out your arguments are poor. I look at Ryse as a small scope game by design, it focused on pretty graphics and telling a story. Even if it was designed for 360, it could have been a larger scale game if thats what they wanted to create. Also, being designed for Kinect would suggest it was always intended to be a small scale action game.

The game wasn't designed for 360, the game engine has roots on the 360, which limited it's potential.

Kinect was something being pushed heavily by the Xbox One, so lots of launch games featured Kinect technology for a bit.

Mr Puggsly said:

We can just speculate on how Halo 4's engine could have been modified. While Halo 5's engine simply underwhelmed.

Yes. Yes we can.

Mr Puggsly said:

You missed the point. I'm saying Halo 5's visual quirks are more jarring than Halo:MCC's visual quirks. I like the more advanced assets and effects in Halo 5, but too much compromise makes the overall presentation rough.

Other than some models, I don't find any assets in Halo 5 even remotely impressive?

Well the engine is CryEngine. We've seen much larger scale games than that on 360. I think you're trying to say any game with roots on 7th gen has limited potential on 8th gen. But Ryse isn't that impressive compared to some larger scale 360 games.

I'm gonna assume that question mark in your last statement is a typo. Halo 5 had very impressive visuals during cutscenes, not much else is impressive.

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